July 9 2002

(Luke's place)

Nikolas: Hey. What are you doing here?

Lucky: Gia invited us.

Gia: Hey, guys. I'm so glad you finally came. So, Vance is over there. He's the guy that you have to meet. Just mingle for a few minutes, and then I'll introduce you in a little bit, ok?

Lucky: Great. Great. All right.

Nikolas: I put tonight together so you can meet Vance, not to babysit Lucky because he feels guilty for sleeping with Sarah.

Gia: What? There is more to it than that. Lucky happens to be a great photographer who pretty much put me where I am today. Look, he deserves a chance, too. What is the big deal?

Nikolas: Ok, so you're telling me that you invited him for the sake of his career, not for us to find a way to reconcile?

Gia: Ok, that's part of it, yes.

Nikolas: Exactly.

Gia: Look, Lucky is your brother. Whether you admit it or not, I know you miss him.

Nikolas: Gia, it doesn't matter to him, all right? And I am tired of getting on my hands and knees, crawling back for forgiveness. Look, I think -- I think it's great that you want to include Lucky. I do. Do it when you can. But tonight is about you. Do not worry about Lucky.

Lucky: Hey, thanks, but nobody has to worry about me. Let me guess, Gia. My brother doesn't want me here, right?

Gia: Look, don't be silly. Look, I am headed in there right now. I'm going to talk Vance up about you. So don't go anywhere, ok?

Nikolas: Look, man, it's fine that you're here, all right, but remember, tonight is about her.

Lucky: Gia is the one who invited us, your highness.

[Phone rings]

Sarah: Excuse me. Hello? What? Ok. Thanks. We'll be right there. That was the hospital. Elizabeth's being brought in.

Lucky: Let's go.

Sarah: Yeah, I'll get the car.


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