July 31, 2000

NIK: Put it down! Put it down! Wait a second. Who are you?

LUCKY: And why are you blackmailing emily?

GIRL: Help! Rape! Somebody help --

NIK: Get back here!

LUCKY: Just wait a second.

GIRL: Let me go!

NIK: Not until we get some answers.

LUCKY: I am going to ask you one more time -- who the hell are you, and why are you blackmailing emily?


NIK: Then why did you try to run from us?

GIRL: Gee, let me think it through. I'm a defenseless woman alone in an alley at night, and you're two freaks who jumped me.

LUCKY: Yeah, and you just so happened to go for the money.

GIRL: Since neither one of you two seems to be real swift on the uptake, i'll try not to speak too fast. Here's the deal -- I'm out here on my own, and that's how i like it. I put a lot of road between me and that pit stop I was supposed to call home, and I don't want to end up back there because a couple of creeps i don't even know got me into trouble. I was hungry, I saw the bag, I thought there might be food inside it. As far as I know, that's not a crime -- unlike assault, which is what I'm going to tell the cops you guys did to me unless you back off right now. And don't make the mistake of thinking I'm so disenfranchised that i won't.

LUCKY: Fine. Get out of here.

GIRL: No offense, but I hope i don't see you around.

NIK: Did you buy that?

LUCKY: Not a word. I'm going to go follow her and see where she went.

NIK: No, Lucky, just --

LUCKY: I'm not going to take any chances.


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