January 2nd 2001

At Kelly's LL2 are waiting for Nik and Gia to show up

Liz: Ooh. They're here. Finally. Hey, you guys.

Nikolas: Hey.

Liz: Come on in.

Lucky: Nikolas.

Liz: So, you guys, what'd you bring? Oh, that macaroni and cheese you made for Thanksgiving was amazing.

Gia: Oh, that's usually just for family.

Liz: Oh. Well, is that pecan pie you made just for family, too, or did you bring it?

Nikolas: Well, actually, Gia's discovered a new bakery.

Giz: It's only a chocolate cake.

Nikolas: Come on, it took you three hours to pick it out.

Liz: Oh, that's perfect. It'll go great with my brownies.

Gia: Oh, you made those brownies again?

Liz: Those brownies are a tradition.

Gia: Whatever.

Liz: Look, if you don't like our traditions, Gia, you can- (Lucky kisses Liz)

Nikolas: So, doesn't this place look great?

Gia: Yeah, for a dinner at Kelly's, I guess. But once your mother decides who gets to be the big, rich model, maybe one of us can spring for dinner at a real restaurant.

Lucky: Why can't you just leave our mother- (Liz kisses Lucky)

Gia: If you two would rather go upstairs --

Lucky & Liz: Oh, no.

Lucky: No, we're fine.

Liz: We're fine. We're better than fine, actually. Thanks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lucky: Come on. I know you want one more rib. Come on.

Nikolas: No, no, no. Absolutely no way.

Gia: How many people were you guys expecting?

Liz: Leftovers are the whole point.

Nikolas: You still like ribs for breakfast, huh?

Gia: Oh, why?

Lucky: Oh, it's an acquired taste.

Liz: Just like so many things. (Lucky kisses Liz)

Gia: What is with them?

Nikolas: You're asking me?

Liz: Sit down. Anyway, I hope you guys have saved room for dessert.

Lucky: You know that chocolate cake that you brought looks great.

Liz: Yeah.

Gia: Yeah, well, it can't touch the brownies, ok?

Liz: I'm going to go make some coffee.

Gia: You know, I guess you won't be clearing many tables once you land the deception contract.

Liz: If, Gia.

Gia: Well, it's a pretty big "if," if you ask me.

Liz: Do you want to deal with this right now?

Gia: Well, you obviously think you're a shoo-in because of your boyfriend.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nikolas: Nobody will be deciding the face of Deception tonight, ok?

Gia: You think Laura's already made up her mind, don't you?

Lucky: He didn't say that.

Nikolas: Here. (hands Lucky some plates)

Gia: Well, maybe she has and maybe I'll change it.

Lucky: You know what? How about we just have dessert now and we can do everything else later?

Nikolas: Sounds like a plan.

Gia: You know, if I land the face of deception, it's because I have the look and because I earned it and because of who i am, not because of who i'm sleeping with.

Liz: Don't you get it? The only reason you're even getting a test is because Carly hates me.



January 3rd 2001

At Kelly's

Gia is "talking" with Liz

Gia: Carly Corinthos is trying to launch a major cosmetics line. Do you honestly believe she's going to choose the ad campaign based upon a grudge against you?

Liz: Look, obviously you're not up on the history, Gia. Carly was crazy in love with Emily's brother Jason, who happened to be very nice to me, and she has never forgiven me for it. She will do anything to run me down, and you just happen to be her latest weapon.

Gia: Look, I don't care why Carly got me the test shoot. All that matters is I'm going to nail it.

Lucky: Oh, well, good for you. Can we have dessert now? Anybody?

Gia: Oh, brownie time, courtesy of Elizabeth.

Liz: Look, if you don't like them, you can leave.

Nikolas: All right. No one is going anywhere until we work this out, ok?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Emily walks in)

Liz: Hey!

Emily: Hi!

Liz: Are you ok?

Emily: Oh! Yeah, I'm fine.

Lucky: Hey. You be a little more careful next time, danger girl.

Emily: Whatever, Mr. Safe-and-cautious.

Nikolas: Whoa, now listen to my little brother. He knows that we would fall apart if anything happened to you.

Emily: Oh, really? So is that why you guys decided to have a closed dinner at Kelly's without me? Mm-hmm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nikolas: We toast with brownies.

Gia: How many of these little rituals do the four of you have?

Lucky: Well, the list keeps growing.

Emily: Thank you.

Nikolas: You need to start the toast.

Emily: No, why can't someone else start?

Liz: Oh, excuse me?

Lucky: Oh, you're the one who started this.

Nikolas: You like brownies, you start the toast.

Emily: So? It doesn't matter. Oh, come on. All right, fine. All right, all right. Everybody gets the brownie of their choice, ok? Now, i usually take,

Gia: You guys? Someone's out there. (looking at the window)

Emily: (turns and looks) Zander! (goes to the door and brings him in)

Gia: She can't be serious.

Lucky: Be quiet for once. She needs us to make this ok for her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emily: What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be resting.

Zander: Well, all those times you talked about walking in the snow, I just, I wanted to do it, and I was going to go by your house, but I can't really climb up your tree, you know, with my arm wrecked, and your family's probably not going to invite me in, so I came here instead.

Emily: Well, I'm having dinner with my friends. You want to come in?

Zander: Uh, I'd better get back to Alexis'.

Emily: Look, they're my friends. I know they gave you a rough time, but, just try it out, ok?

Liz: Zander, we're just about to have dessert if you'd like to join us.

Zander: Ok. Thanks.

Emily: You know everybody, right?

Zander: Lucky, Nikolas, Elizabeth, and Gia, right?

Emily: Yeah.

Gia: I haven't seen you since the night you kidnapped Emily. How's it feel to be out of prison?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emily: Ok, here's how we make a toast. Ready? My real mother taught me this. Now, you take a piece of your dessert and you offer it to someone else with a wish. To freedom. See? It's easy.

Zander: All right. Um,

Emily: Go ahead.

Zander: All right, i think I get it. Let's see here.

Emily: Oh.

Zander: To, pixie sticks. (all but him and Emily look confused)

Emily: No!

Zander: To stolen cars with engines that work.

Emily: No! No. Try again.

Zander: All right.

Emily: Come on.

Zander: To being alive.

Emily: To being alive. Perfect.

Nikolas: That was a pretty close thing, wasn't it?

Emily: Thank you.

Nikolas: Living. Alexis and Emily almost didn't make it.

Emily: Nikolas, please don't start.

Gia: Well, who do you think they were trying to kill? Not you, not Nikolas' aunt.

Zander: Is this what you do? You ride her about me?

Emily: Zander, no.

Zander: Some kind of friends you are.

Emily: Zander...

Lucky: At least we don't get her gunned down.

Emily: Lucky, please.

Zander: Hey, i thought you were supposed to take it easy on Emily.

Lucky: That was before you almost got her shot to death.

Emily: You know what? You know what? I'm sorry. This was a bad idea. We'll leave.

Liz: No, no, no. Emily, please don't go.

Emily: No, you know what? Haven't any of you ever screwed up in your life? Lied about something or made a mistake? No, I guess you were all just living perfect lives while I wasn't looking.

Nikolas: Emily, Zander, please. Just, wait, ok? I shouldn't, I shouldn't have jumped on you. You're Emily's friend, plus you saved her life, so, I'm sorry.

Zander: We should go.

Nikolas: Well, you know what? Let me drive you guys home, ok?

Zander: We'll walk.

Nikolas: Oh, that's great, Zander. What if somebody shoots at you again, huh?

Lucky: You say you care about Emily. Prove it. Take the ride, buddy.

Zander: It's your call.

Emily: We'd love a ride. Thank you, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Just going to grab my coat. My car's in the lot. Ok?

Emily: Right.

Gia: Don't do this.

Nikolas: It's only four blocks away.

Gia: Well, what if someone does try to kill him again?

Nikolas: Hey, I'll be back to pick you up, ok? See you guys.

Gia: When is one of you going to tell that brat where to get off?

Liz: How about right now?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Liz: Emily was our friend way before you ever came along.

Gia: The girl is a mental case.

Liz: All we had to do was sit and have brownies with them, smile, and discuss ice-skating or the weather. You're the one who started in on Zander and set Nikolas off.

Gia: Nikolas has a right to be angry, ok? I still don't know why he apologized.

Lucky: Because he's generous that way. Not that you would understand that. You probably don't even realize verything he's done for you, letting you live with him, making us try again and again to get along with you.

Liz: But you know what? You did Emily a favor. You actually made me feel sorry for Zander tonight.

Gia: Ok, you know what? I'll just wait for Nikolas outside. That's if he doesn't get shot taking your good friends Emily and Zander home.

Lucky: He didn't.

Gia: How would you know?

(Nikolas comes back)

Nikolas: Well, I'm back.

Gia: Are you ok?

Nikolas: Yeah. I told you it was only four blocks.

(Looks at everyone)

Nikolas: You've been fighting.

Gia: They started it.

Nikolas: Yeah, you know what? I doubt that.

Gia: Oh, fine. Don't believe me.

Nikolas: You want a ride home or not?

Lucky: Oh, you're leaving? Oh, gee, that's too bad.

Nikolas: We blew it with Emily tonight.

Liz: Yeah, well, we'll do better the next time.

Lucky: All of us, right, Gia?

Gia: Thanks for a swell evening. (She and Nikolas leave)



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