January 17th 2001

Gia and Stafan are discussing their pov's on Gia's place in Nikolas' life when Lucky and Elizabeth approach them.

Liz: Come on. I know that movie made you tear up.

Lucky: What? No way. (Sees Stefan) What are you doing here?

Stefan: I don't know. Ms. Campbell, what are we doing here?

Lucky: Is Stefan giving you a hard time?

~ ~ ~

Gia: I have zero interest in what Stefan has to say.

Lucky: It's time for you to run along.

Stefan: I see you've become as reckless as your father.

Lucky: I don't like you, Stefan, and I don't think Gia likes you, either, so get lost.

Stefan: We're finished here.

Lucky: Right.

Stefan: Excuse me. Ms. Campbell, think of yourself and heed my advice. (Lucky, Liz and Gia go inside)

Gia: Thanks for the save.

Lucky: Yeah. I could tell he was up in your face. You ok?

Gia: Can I speak to you alone?

Lucky: Uh, sure. (to Liz) I'll just be a minute.

Liz: See you upstairs.

Lucky: You will. So, what did Stefan say to you?

Gia: He gave me this pompous speech about how I would never fit into Nikolas' life.

Lucky: Oh, what a surprise.

Gia: Was he exaggerating or is it true?

~ ~ ~

Gia: When Stefan found out Nikolas and I were living together, he almost choked on his silver spoon.

Lucky: I can imagine.

Gia: He acted as if I was some crack-addicted hooker.

Lucky: Whoa.

Gia: No, I'm serious. It was insulting.

Lucky: All right. Don't take it personally. He insults all of us peons.

Gia: The Cassadines treat this prince thing as if it's a religion. Does Nikolas buy into it?

Lucky: What has he told you?

Gia: That it's a crock.

Lucky: Well, there's your answer.

Gia: Yeah, but no matter what Nikolas wants to believe, if it's been pounded into his head since he was born --

Lucky: All right, do Nikolas a favor -- don't buy into Stefan's stuff.

Gia: You know, I was just thinking out loud.

Lucky: Well, you've had plenty of run-ins with Helena and you seem to let those roll right off your back.

Gia: Well, Nikolas despises her. But Stefan's a completely different story. I mean, Nikolas loves him like a father, and when Stefan returned, I've never seen Nikolas so happy.

Lucky: Yes, Nikolas does love Stefan. But he doesn't look up to him like he's a role model.

Gia: Well, his opinion matters to him, Lucky, a lot.

Lucky: Obviously, Nikolas would like it if Stefan approved of what he was doing. But Nikolas has been fighting this battle forever. It's nothing new, and he knows when Stefan's wrong.

Gia: Well, Stefan didn't make up that stuff about Nikolas' heritage.

Lucky: Being a prince to Nikolas is like having a straitjacket on. Why do you think he works at L&B?

Gia: Well, and, what, when he turns 25 and this gigantic fortune is dropped in his lap?

Lucky: And he's going to suddenly morph into some pretentious jerk?

Gia: Well, when you put it that way --

Lucky: Yeah. Buying into Helena and Stefan's garbage could be the worst thing you could possibly do for Nikolas. Don't bail on him, Gia.

Gia: Well, as long as he doesn't up the rent, I guess I'll stick around.

Lucky: All right. Whatever.

Gia: What does that mean?

Lucky: Well, if you and Nikolas haven't figured it out, I'm not going to say anything. But just have some faith in the guy. He knows his own mind. And he could care less about the stupid Cassadine lineage.

Gia: Thanks. You're a good brother.

Lucky: See you.

Gia: Bye.


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