February 7th 2001

Gia and Nikolas are about 5 seconds away from going out to dinner, Gia paying.

Lucky:  {Knocks and walks into the cottage} Good, you're home. Oh, my gosh. Man, I need some help. Elizabeth found out I took Gia's test shots and she's gone crazy.  {Nikolas glances at Gia}


Nikolas:  {Walks around Gia} You shot Gia's test pictures?

Lucky:  Yeah, but it wasn't the test, it was just practice.

Nikolas:  When?

Lucky:  This afternoon.

Nikolas:  This afternoon. {Turns back to Gia} Well, I guess -- I guess I heard you wrong. I thought you had mentioned something about a P.R. Meeting for A.J.'s football team.

Gia:  Excuse me for wanting privacy.

Nikolas:  No, you lied.

Gia:  Look, Carly told me not to tell anyone. It wasn't like it was my --

Lucky:  You know, Gia's right. Carly wanted Gia just to get used to posing in front of the camera.

Nikolas:  {Looks back at Lucky} Where do you come in?

Lucky:  Well, Carly hired me. And the pay was, like, twice what my salary normally is at my job, so I had to say yes.

Nikolas:  How come you didn't say anything?

Lucky:  I didn't have a chance.

Nikolas:  And you didn't get the chance to tell Elizabeth, right?

Lucky:  Well -- I guess I did.

Nikolas: Right, which explains why she flipped out.

Lucky: {Walks over to Nikolas} Yeah, but I didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. I went to Elizabeth to celebrate. I thought she would be happy that I made some money, you know? Instead, she just freaked and walked out on me.

Nikolas:  Of course. I can understand why.

Lucky:  Wait a minute. You're not going to blow up at me, too, are you?

Nikolas:  No -- look, it doesn't matter to me that you took pictures of Gia. {Gia looks away from him briefly} All right? But Elizabeth has to be wondering why you didn't even bother to ask if it was ok with her or tell her at all.


Gia: {Walks over to both Nikolas and Lucky} Lucky's done nothing to apologize for, all right? It was a job. That's it.

Nikolas:  I'm sure Elizabeth sees it differently.

Lucky:  Elizabeth knows I wouldn't to anything to hurt her.

Nikolas:  Not intentionally, no. Ok, she's been a little wound up over this face of deception thing. She froze when Theo was taking pictures and then you come along and you make everything ok. She relaxed, she got into it, and she felt like she could do it. Now, your support means a lot to Elizabeth and obviously it threw her when she saw that you'd like to support Gia, too.

Lucky:  I don't.

Gia:  (sarcastically) Thanks a lot.

Nikolas:  Do you see why Elizabeth might think so?

Lucky:  It's not like I'm some professional here. You know, I wasn't giving Gia any edge. Anybody could've taken those pictures. It didn't mean anything to me.

Gia:  Oh, please, stop with the compliments. I'm getting a swelled head. {She goes and sits on the couch}

Lucky:  Elizabeth knows that I want her to win.

Nikolas:  Yeah, she does, but how would you feel if she went behind your back? What if she kept a secret about something that was important to you? Now, whether you meant to keep your secret from Elizabeth or not, that's not the point. But that's how she felt.

Lucky:  Oh, well, I guess I could see that.

Nikolas:  Look, all I'm saying is cut her some slack. Ok? Because from where she stands, she has reason to feel like she's been blindsided.

Lucky:  Hmm.

Nikolas:  All right?

Lucky:  Yeah. I think I'm going to go find her and apologize. Thank you.

Nikolas:  Any time.

Lucky:  I'll see you guys later. {He leaves}



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