February 5th 2001

Gia walks into the studio for her secret practice shoot photoshoot

Gia: Carly?  Is anyone here?  {Stands in front of the mirror} You'll be great. {She walks away from the mirror, talking to herself} You'll be great. You'll be great.  Yeah.

Lucky: {Walks into the room with a camera in his hand} Yeah.  Hi.

Gia: {Turns around} What are you doing here?


Gia:  You're the photographer?

Lucky:  Yeah. I'm getting paid and everything.

Gia:  Why?

Lucky: Because cousin Carly doesn't think like everybody else.

Gia:  She's your cousin?

Lucky:  Last I heard.

Gia:  So, what, is this some sort of family thing? You guys are working together against me?

Lucky:  Yeah, that must be it.

Gia:  Do you even know how to take pictures?

Lucky:  Would you like to see my family album sometime? It's amazing. I mean, you can still tell who everybody is, even with their heads cut off.

Gia: You're trying to ruin this for me so your little girlfriend will get the job.

Lucky: {He walks away from her and she follows him} You got it all figured out.

Gia:  Well, did your mother send you over here or something?

Lucky:  No, actually, Carly did.

Carly: {She walks into the studio} Hi.

Lucky:  Hey.

Carly:  How are you?

Lucky:  Good.

Carly:  Cousin, Gia. How's it going?

Gia:  {Walks over to Carly} Carly. This is all a big joke to you, isn't it? I mean, here I thought you were giving me the chance of a lifetime, but, you know, I'm such an idiot.

Carly:  Lucky's a good photographer.

Lucky:  I don't mean to brag. {He walks away}

Gia:  Fine. Then pay him all your money, take all the pictures you want, but do it without me. {Starts to walk away}

Carly: {Follows her} Ok, miss Campbell, you really want to walk out on you first shoot?

Gia:  You're laughing at me.

Carly:  I'm giving you the shot of a lifetime, girl. If you want to walk out, you want to self-destruct, then that's fine, you go right ahead and do that.


Carly:  Gia, I picked you. I'm behind you 100%.

Gia:  So you set me up with an amateur?

Carly:  That's not what's happening here.

Gia:  Carly, Lucky hates me.

Carly:  Sweetie, that's besides the point.

Gia:  He wants Elizabeth to win.

Woman:  {Walks into the studio} Carly Corinthos?

Carly:  Hi, you guys. Come on in. Go ahead and set up, and I'll be with you in just a minute, all right? Gia, come here. {Takes Gia off to the side} That's the best makeup and hair team on seventh avenue. You know, fashion avenue? New York City?

Gia:  Why should I believe that?

Carly:  What do I gain by making you look bad?

Gia:  Why did you choose Lucky?

Carly:  Because he managed to take some really good shots of Elizabeth during a break at the test shoot.

Gia:  Well, he's not even a professional, Carly.

Carly:  Yeah, but the pictures were great nonetheless. And given what he had to work with --

Gia:  What does that have to do with me?

Carly:  Well, look, if he could get magic from Elizabeth, and she's a cold fish, imagine what he's going to do for you.

Gia:  Yeah, but why would he? Lucky wants Elizabeth to win. He wants me to lose, ok? You figure it out.

Carly:  Ok, let me tell you this. If the pictures are lousy, we're going to throw them in the trash, right? Either way, you get experience in front of the camera.

Gia:  I guess that makes sense.

Carly:  And I know you're going to be fabulous. At least you'll have some good pictures for your portfolio even if Elizabeth manipulates her way into being the face. Either way, what do you have to lose? Nothing, ok? {Grabs Gia's arm and turns around} Hey, you guys, I need some help. Come get this girl.

Woman:  Wow. Bones, girl. You got some bones. {Walks Gia over to a chair}

Man: And look at that hair.

Gia:  You don't think it's too much? {Gia sits in the chair}

Man:  Oh, no. Wait till I get through with you.

Carly:  See, what'd I tell you?

Gia:  I brought my own makeup kit over there.

Woman:  You're dealing with the real thing now.

Man:  Just relax and let us do our stuff. {Gia glances at Carly}

Gia:  I'm all yours.


Gia: Do you have any idea what you're doing?

Lucky:  Why don't we start with what you're good at, then -- pout.

Gia:  Oh, is that supposed to be funny?

Lucky:  I guess not. How about we just try this, then -- you're on a distant shore, far, far away.

Gia:  I bet you'd like that.

Lucky:  Actually, you're watching a raft drift out to sea.

Gia:  You on it?

Lucky:  No. Helena's on it.

Gia:  That could work.

Lucky:  And Stefan.

Gia:  Tied on?

Lucky:  Really tight.

Gia:  Chained on?

Lucky:  Oh, there's no escape, and they're drifting.

Gia:  And choking on seawater?

Lucky:  Choking and drifting, yes.

Gia:  And sunburn -- especially granny.

Lucky:  Oh, they're howling from sunburn.

Gia:  Hmm. Howling's good.

Lucky:  Mm-hmm. {Walks over to the radio} So you're watching the raft drift away from the shore, and their pitiful cries are getting softer and softer.

Gia:  Bon voyage.

Woman:  Girl, you are twisted.

Carly:  Don't you love her.

Lucky:  And their raft gets smaller and smaller until you can't see them anymore. No more Helena.

Gia:  No more uncle Stefan.

Lucky:  They're lost into the horizon.

Gia:  Yes.

Lucky:  And now it's time to celebrate.

Gia:  Definitely.

Lucky:  Let's dance! {He changes the music and Gia begins to dance} All right. Oh, yes. Swing that hair around. Give me a little of that -- oh. Oh, yeah. {Lucky begins to take pictures of her}


February  6th 2001


Music is still playing

Lucky: Oh, you think you're so hot?  Show me!  I dare you!

Gia: {Stops} Well, I wouldn't want to burn you. How hot can you take it?

Lucky:  A lot more than this if you can give it to me. Come on. {Gia begins to move again} Oh, that's a little better.

Carly: {Walks over to Lucky} This is good, Gia, but we need more heat. Uh --{She goes over and changes the music} Ok. Entice me. Make me want to buy perfume!

Lucky:  All right. You heard the boss. {Gia begins to dance} Ok. Well, what are you holding back for? I'm still waiting for you to knock me off my feet.

Gia: {Stops briefly} Just watch me.

Lucky:  All right. Good. Where'd you learn all these moves? Do you dance?

Gia continues to pose for him

Carly:  Don't ask my model questions!

Lucky:  Look at that. I'm getting the smile. It's all about the smile. Come on. Now kill me. Kill me with your eyes.


Everybody knows

That, yeah, I'm kind of shy

Man: If you could put that in a bottle, I'd even buy it.  I hope he's getting this on film.

Carly:  {Looks at Lucky} He is, right?

Lucky:  Let's keep it real.

Gia:  You said you wanted heat.

Lucky:  Show me with your eyes.

Woman: She's good.

Carly:  She is better than good. She's going to put deception on the map. {Lucky stops and so does Gia}

Lucky:  All right. Relax a second. {Gia walks away}

Looking for the right party

Lucky:  10 rolls, as we agreed. Do you need any more than that?

Carly:  No, this is enough. {Tosses the roll to Theo's assistant} Listen, I want Theo to develop those, but I have some special instructions. I don't want --

Lucky: {Walks over to Gia} You did really good. Real responsive.

Gia:  Well, you weren't so bad, either. Real responsive.

Carly: {Walks over to Gia} Hey. Congratulations. You nailed it.

Gia:  You really think it went ok?

Carly:  Honey, even the crew was just yamming along about how wonderful you were. {Lucky nods} You were great. so why don't you go change. We'll talk after, ok?

Gia:  Ok. {Looks at Lucky} And thanks.

Lucky:  Yeah. It was fun. Well, I guess that does it for me, except for my fee.

Carly:  150, right? Just teasing.

Lucky:  Right.

Carly:  Two grand. As agreed. Best money that I ever spent.

Lucky:  Well, I'm glad you got your money's worth.



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