February 23, 2001

At The Cottage

Gia:  When i'm modeling, i feel like -- I feel like I can do anything, you know? Be anyone, just in a flash, and that's it. I'm all lit up from the inside and I matter and i won't be ignored. It's like I'm the face -- except i'm not.

Nik:  You got a bad deal. There's no question.

Gia:  Yeah. Why should i stick around while Elizabeth is crowned queen of deception and your mother and Lucky are cheering her on?

Nik:  So you can't think of any other reason to stay?

Gia:  Such as?

Nik:  Gia, I -- stay here until I get back, please? Ok?

Gia:  Well, where are you going?

Nik:  Just -- just don't go anywhere at all.

Gia:  I have stuff to do, places --

Nik:  I'll see you soon. (Nik leaves)

Gia:  (to herself) Just stop it, Gia. Just -- just stop it.


Gia:  (at the door) Nikolas isn't home.

Lucky:  Do you know when he'll be back?

Gia:  So, where's the new face of deception?

Lucky:  Excuse me?

Gia:  What, Elizabeth didn't tag along to gloat?

Lucky:  You know.

Gia:  Breaking the big news to elizabeth at winterfest -- nice touch.

Lucky:  Can I come in?

Lucky:  You're leaving? Does nikolas know? I really wish that you hadn't found out this way, Gia.

Gia:  You'll get over it.

Lucky:  You knew going into this that there was a 50/50 chance that Elizabeth could win.

Gia:  50/50? No, try 100%.

Lucky:  It was a tough decision.

Gia:  Come on, lucky. You shot these. Can you honestly tell me that Elizabeth deserves that job?


Gia:  Answer the question. Do you think Elizabeth is a better model than I am?

Lucky:  Elizabeth has the look my mom wants.

Gia:  You can't say it, can you?

Lucky:  All right. Will you look at this? You look terrific in this picture.

Gia:  Just give me those.

Lucky:  Why don't you just try to put together a portfolio? You can go hustle up in New York.

Gia:  I hustle while little miss perfect gets the deal of a decade handed to her on a silver platter? No, I don't think so.

Lucky:  Now, just because Elizabeth got this one job, Gia, doesn't mean --

Gia:  Do you really think Elizabeth Webber could get hired as a model outside of this one-clique town?

Lucky:  I'm real sorry you feel that way.

Gia:  I'm so out of here.


Lucky:  I'm surprised you're leaving. I thought you were tougher than that.

Gia:  Whatever.

Lucky:  You know, it's funny because you never struck me as a quitter.

Nik:  (walking in) Now she's a quitter?

Lucky:  Hi.

Nik:  What are you doing here?

Lucky:  I came by to give you a heads-up, but --

Nik:  Anything else?

Lucky:  All right. I'm just trying to help.

Nik:  Yeah. You know why? Because you know that our mom screwed up big time.

Lucky:  Somebody had to lose.

Nik:  Yeah, well, nobody had to be told about it at winterfest and nobody had to be strung along for months, and sure as hell nobody had to be treated with complete disrespect.

Lucky:  Elizabeth has the look.

Nik:  Don't give me "the look" routine, lucky. I've already heard it from Laura. And she was lying, too.

Lucky:  You know, mom -- she never meant for this to happen.

Nik:  You know what? You won, little brother. You won. Why aren't you out celebrating with Elizabeth, the new face? Huh?

Lucky:  That's a good question, actually. And by the way, it's not my fault that Gia's leaving. (Lucky leaves)



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