“Black and White People”

Matchbox Twenty

(Written by Rob Thomas)


One more day down

Everybody has those days

Where one soft sweet song’s

Just enough to clear my head


Fall on real life

Is anybody left there sane?

If we slide on over and accept fate

Then it’s bound to be a powerful thing


If it’s just that you’re weak can we talk about it

It’s getting’ so damn creepy

Just nursing this ghost of a chance

The fiction, the romance

And the Technicolor dreams

Of black and white people


One boy head strong

Thinks that living here’s just plain

He’s pushed down so hard

You can hear him start to sink


And it’s one last round of petty conversation

You hold on boy cuz

You won’t go down like this?

Just roll over

Lay down till it’s more than you can take


So one more day down

and everybody’s changin’

One more head down

Just enough to reach my hand




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