August 7th 2000

LUCKY: Tell me what's up with the blackmail, or i call my good friend Taggert.

GIA: You don't hear so good, you know that?

LUCKY: Maybe. But my eyes work just fine. I saw you at the rave.

GIA: I don't do raves.

LUCKY: You slipped something in Emily's drink, didn't you?

GIA: Some rich kid shows up at a place like that, she takes her chances.

LUCKY: So you were there?

GIA: Is that what I said?

LUCKY: And you know Emily's last name.

GIA: I read the society pages.

LUCKY: You saw Emily leave the rave with some guy, and you're blackmailing her for that.

GIA: What rave? What guy? What blackmail?

LUCKY: Fine. Let's go see Taggert. Come on. Come on.

GIA: As if Emily Quartermaine can't afford it.




LUCKY: You know Emily's a Quartermaine and you only asked for five grand?

GIA: So far. And it's 10.

LUCKY: Don't you get that this is over?

GIA: Since when?

LUCKY: Everybody already knows what you saw.

GIA: Yeah? And what did I see?

LUCKY: Probably nothing.

GIA: A rich high school kid leaves a rave with some guy in his 20s and ends up in a cheap motel room.

LUCKY: Oh, and you can prove that?

GIA: Well, if it didn't, why'd she shell out the five grand? And that's only the beginning.

LUCKY: Which motel?

GIA: Fieldcrest.

LUCKY: Wrong.

GIA: I followed them in my car, all right? Don't get cute.

LUCKY: Ok, well, maybe it was the Fieldcrest, but I was with Emily.

GIA: Do I look stupid to you?

LUCKY: Then who was with her?

GIA: Some guy, ok?


GIA: What difference does it make?

LUCKY: You don't know?

GIA: Did I ask for I.D.? No. Sorry. But I watched the whole thing from my front seat. Little miss Emily stumbled into a no-tell motel with a man. It isn't that hard to figure out what happened next.

LUCKY: What happened?

GIA: Well, I hope she had fun. And you can tell her I said that. But I saw all I needed to see.

LUCKY: You have your money. Why can't you just let this go?

GIA: You want the whole town to know about your sweet little socialite? Fine. I don't care. But if you don't, little miss Emily Q still owes me $10,000.




LUCKY: Emily made a mistake.

GIA: Big time.

LUCKY: And she paid for it.

GIA: Says who?

LUCKY: You want Taggert showing up at that fancy house?

GIA: For all you know, I was lying. Maybe I don't even live there.

LUCKY: I don't need this.

GIA: So, where's my $10,000?

LUCKY: It's over, Gia.

GIA: If that's even my name.

LUCKY: Go ahead, call Emily again. You see what happens. Forget you saw anything.

GIA: We're finished here.

LUCKY: Well, that's fine. I'm telling Taggert you owe Emily five grand.

GIA: I get hassled by you or your little friends, that cop shows up anywhere looking for me, Emily's name will be all over the evening news. I'll make sure her parents know and everybody at that hospital. I'll call that old man who runs this town. I'll skip the society page and go straight to page one. I can ruin her life in a half an hour.

LUCKY: You do that, and I will tell Taggert everything.

GIA: So let's call it even.

LUCKY: As long as you keep your mouth shut.

GIA: As long as you don't call the cops and I keep the five grand.

LUCKY: Whatever.


At The O'Lear's

Lucky's in Gia's room

GIA: You've got exactly five seconds to get out.

LUCKY: I'm not leaving.

GIA: You want to hear how loud I can scream?

LUCKY: Oh, yeah? Why don't you go ahead? I'm sure your employers will be real interested to know that you've got a boyfriend in the room.

GIA: You're not my boyfriend.

LUCKY: Oh, look at that. It's morning now. You think they'll figure i was here all night?

GIA: Get out.

LUCKY: You've got two choices -- you either scream and lose your job, or you can hear me out. It's your move.




GIA: I already admitted I was blackmailing Emily Quartermaine. What more do you want?

LUCKY: To take you to a rave.

GIA: You must be pretty desperate, busting in here just to ask me for a date.

LUCKY: It's not a date. It's more like a deal.

GIA: What kind of deal?

LUCKY: I'm looking for somebody who might've seen Emily go into the motel. Maybe you saw him at the rave or in the motel parking lot.

GIA: Look, I got some cash, you got my word I'd lay off your precious little friend. As far as I can see, we're even.

LUCKY: You go to raves anyway, right? Why can't you help me out at the same time?

GIA: I must've missed the part where i'd be interested in helping you out.

LUCKY: It'll be easy. All you have to do is tell us if you recognize anybody. And who knows? Maybe you'll have a good time and surprise yourself.

GIA: What's the big deal about finding this guy, anyway? What, did he con you or something?

LUCKY: Why do you care?

GIA: You're right. I don't. Your friend got into trouble. She can find her own way out.

LUCKY: Fine. Thank you for nothing.

GIA: Anytime. You can't go down the front stairs. What if the O'Lears see you?

LUCKY: Then you're going to have a lot of explaining to do, aren't you?



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