August 3rd 2000


[ an alley]

LUCKY: What's the story this time? You looking for food? Cash?

GIA: Stay away from me.

LUCKY: Not until you answer that pesky little question that just doesn't go away. Why are you blackmailing Emily?



August 4th 2000

GIA: What are you, some mental case following me around, accusing me of the same thing over and over? For the last time, I don't know any Emily, and I am not a blackmailer.

LUCKY: You're not homeless, either.

GIA: So what?

LUCKY: Why did you lie?

GIA: You think I'd tell the truth to some guy who jumped me in an alley?

LUCKY: You have a key to a mansion on 5557 Grand Street.

GIA: You followed me?

LUCKY: I watched you let yourself in.

GIA: I don't believe this.

LUCKY: You better start leveling with me, Gia, or whatever your name is because you're not going to leave here till you do.




GIA: If you found a bag of cash lying in an alley, what would you do? Leave it for the next guy?

LUCKY: You didn't find it. You knew it was there. You went right for it.

GIA: No, that's your story, and you're sticking to it.

LUCKY: Yeah. And yours seems to be changing by the second.

GIA: Look, I know you're trying to help out a friend, but I am not the person you're looking for. I'm not after anyone. And I don't live in that mansion you saw me go into. I work there. Taking care of the O'Lears' children for the summer.

LUCKY: I buy that. So far.

GIA: Three nights a week I have off, and I go out. When you and that other guy jumped out at me, I was headed home from the movies. This alley's a shortcut. And sometimes people dump stuff back here that's still good. I found a portable radio one night, so I'm always on the lookout. That's how I noticed the paper bag. I barely got to see what was inside, and you two guys were in my face accusing me of blackmail. I got scared, so i made up a story and ran.

LUCKY: Oh, you're good.

GIA: It's the truth. I swear. [Noise]

LUCKY: Uh-oh. Cops.

GIA: He can't see me. You have to let me go.

LUCKY: Are the cops after you?

GIA: No. I swear.

TAGGERT: Who's down there?

GIA: I've got to get out of here.

LUCKY: Stay put or he'll see you. Lt. Taggert.

TAGGERT: Hunkering in the alleys is becoming a habit for you, Lucky.

LUCKY: No, actually I was headed to the docks. I heard a man and a woman back here. Sounded like they were fighting.

TAGGERT: So you figured you'd check it out, huh?

LUCKY: Well, you know, I know it's not smart to get involved in domestic quarrels.

TAGGERT: So why did you?

LUCKY: I heard a woman yell. It was my natural instinct.

TAGGERT: Next time call the police.

LUCKY: Is that why you're here? Did somebody call it in?

TAGGERT: P.D. Got a report a couple of people loitering down here. Nothing about a fight.

LUCKY: Well, I guess we both struck out. [Noise]

TAGGERT: What was that?




TAGGERT: All right, come on out.

LUCKY: You know, it's probably just a cat. I saw a couple back here by the dumpster.

TAGGERT: Didn't sound like an animal.

LUCKY: You see anything?


LUCKY: You know, when Nikolas and I ran into you the other night, I was doing some thinking about Stefan's murder.

TAGGERT: Playing detective again, huh?

LUCKY: Can you blame me? Mac's after my father for a murder that he didn't commit.

TAGGERT: I know it's tough, Lucky, but it's still a police matter.

LUCKY: You know, if you guys are looking for a murder suspect, I'd go after Helena. Stefan and Helena hated each other.

TAGGERT: I thought you and Helena were close.

LUCKY: She rescued me from Faison. I owe her that much. But I also know what she's capable of when she's been crossed.

TAGGERT: You discuss this with Nikolas?

LUCKY: No. He has his own suspicions. But as long as my father's the chief suspect in this, I just avoid the conversation all together with him.

TAGGERT: Well, that's probably best.

LUCKY: Has the police searched Helena's yacht?

TAGGERT: It's been done. The evidence keeps leading us back to your father.

LUCKY: Somebody is framing him. Mac's out to get him. You know that, right?

TAGGERT: Stay out of this, Lucky.

LUCKY: Would you in my place?

TAGGERT: In your place?

LUCKY: Mm-hmm. [Taggert sighs]

TAGGERT: I hope I'd be doing just what you and Nikolas are doing -- sticking together, not letting the Spencer-Cassadine war carry on into the next generation.

LUCKY: Well, until the real killer's found, there will always be tension between us.

TAGGERT: Could be worse. If one or two of you start investigating Stefan's murder, you could end up on opposite sides. The two of you are brothers. You're close. Try to protect that.




TAGGERT: Well, I guess I'm going to call in my report. You need a lift?

LUCKY: No, thank you. I think I'll walk.

TAGGERT: Stay out of trouble.

LUCKY: Always. [Taggert whistles]

LUCKY: Come on. He's gone.

GIA: I owe you one.

LUCKY: Hey, not so fast. Why are you afraid of cops?




GIA: Cops make me nervous. You ought to understand that. It sounds like your family's having problems with the law.

LUCKY: I'm not the one that's running for cover. You are.

GIA: Well, if you figure I'm the blackmailer, why didn't you hand me over to that cop?

LUCKY: Oh, believe me, that's still an option.

GIA: I've told you everything.

LUCKY: Except the truth. If i don't start getting some real answers from you, the family that you work for is going to get a little visit from lt. Taggert asking about their au pair and the missing $5,000.

GIA: You wouldn't.

LUCKY: Try me.



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