August 31st 2000

LUCKY: Hey --

NIK: Yeah?

LUCKY: What's Gia doing here?

NIK: She just showed up. I mean, Emily was keeping an -- Gia, where is Emily?

GIA: She got a call and took off.

LUCKY: Did she say where?

GIA: No.

NIK: Do you know who the call was from?

GIA: In case you haven't noticed, you people don't share much info with me.

LUCKY: I'm going to go find her.

NIK: Yeah. Call me if there's a problem, Lucky.

LUCKY: I'm sure she's fine.

GIA: Could you clarify something for me? Who exactly is dating who? Is Lucky dating Emily or Elizabeth? And does Emily want Don Juan or Lucky? Where exactly do you fit into this?

NIK: You know all you need to know.

GIA: What i know is I've been asked to frame a cop killer with people I barely know. And if this whole plan falls apart because someone gets his or her feelings hurt, I've got a right to know.

NIK: Is everything always about you?

GIA: None of you are going to look out for me. You're all way too interested in trying to sort out who's in love with each other.




GIA: Do you know anything about personal space?

NIK: Good, you found her. Is everything all right?

EM: Yeah.

NIK: That call -- it wasn't about Zander or the situation, was it?

LUCKY: No, but Emily's brother Jason is back in town, and Emily and Elizabeth, they want to tell him about the situation.




LIZ: Why shouldn't we tell Jason? He'll know how to fix it.


EMILY: Exactly. Ok, if my brother had been here when this whole horror show started, I would have told him right away.

LUCKY: I thought you said you didn't want him to know.

EMILY: I didn't want him to think less of me, ok? But I know that he won't do that now. I know for sure. As soon as i saw him, I knew.

LIZ: You guys, Emily is his sister. He'll do whatever it takes to get her out of this.

NIK: The fewer people who know, the better.

LUCKY: I agree. Isn't telling Jason just like telling Sonny? Doesn't Jason have just as much to lose as Sonny if he was involved in the murder of a cop?

GIA: Who's Sonny?

EMILY: Look, the last thing I want to do is get my brother in any kind of trouble, ok?

GIA: Why can't I know who Sonny is?

NIK: So we're agreed?

GIA: Why is it ok to get me messed up in the murder plot of a cop, no less, but not this Jason or Sonny?

EMILY: Ok, look it, you're the one that involved yourself in this whole thing, ok? You followed me to a motel room, and then you blackmailed me, all right? You put yourself in this position. We're just trying to get you out of it.

LIZ: Alive, Gia.

NIK: So we're agreed, ok? No one tells Jason.

LIZ: You know, whatever. I --

LUCKY: We'll find our way out of this ourselves.


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