August 31st 2001

Lucky is in the boxcar burning photos of Elizabeth when Gia finds him

Gia:  Lucky? What are you doing? (Places a cover on the garbage can where Lucky had a fire going) God, you could have burned half the woods down by now or -- not to mention yourself. What is wrong with you? (he looks at her) I didn't mean that. I know what's wrong. Look, Elizabeth and I woke up and realized you had left. We didn't know what to think.

Lucky:  I know the feeling. When I opened my eyes this morning and saw Elizabeth, it's like -- it's like she didn't fit. I know she belonged in my life, but I can't figure out where. I don't love her. Why did I ever?

Gia:  You're definitely asking the wrong person that question.

Lucky:  It's like I lost a piece of a puzzle and I can't figure out even what's missing.

Gia:  Trust me. I still think about Nikolas all the time. I can still feel his skin next to me. But he's not real anymore. At least not for me. But every time I see him, my heart pounds so loud that I'm afraid he'll hear it and know how much I still care about him. But I have to stop that, and so do you. So, instead of thinking of yourself as a loose piece to something where you can't belong, think of yourself as being free.

Lucky:  I do sometimes, but --

Gia:  Every time you're around Elizabeth, it brings back the hurt.

Lucky:  I know. I know. That's how I wound up here. I tried to figure out what it is I've lost. But it's gone. And you're right. You're absolutely right. It does hurt sometimes. So I said to hell with it and decided to send it all up into smoke.

Elizabeth:  I can get you out if you'll let me. (They look at Elizabeth who is holding a huge shopping bag)

Lucky:  (Stands up) What are you doing here, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth:  It's one of the first places I always look for you.

Lucky:  Oh

Gia:  Any bargains?

Elizabeth:  Gia, I know you mean well, but shut up.

Lucky:  No, the both of you chill. This is the last time I'm coming here. Everything around this place and in this place means nothing to me.

Gia:  I know you mean well, but you're not helping him right now.

Elizabeth:  I need to speak to Lucky alone.

Gia:  No.

Elizabeth:  Lucky, you can't possibly know how important this is.

Lucky:  Ok.

Gia:  This is not a good idea.

Lucky:  Gia, it's cool, all right? Thanks. (Gia hops out of the boxcar and leaves)



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