August 25th 2000

LIZ: $1.25.

GIA: $25.

LIZ: Excuse me?

GIA: I've been waiting here at least 15 minutes. I charge for my time, and not minimum wage.

LIZ: You get paid to torture innocent people who have done absolutely nothing to you.

GIA: Innocent little angels don't wind up stoned in motels.

LIZ: Oh, and you would know this from your vast experience trawling around in motel parking lots? Or is it dodging cops that has taught you so much?

GIA: You're a clueless jerk.

LIZ: Ooh. I've hit a nerve, have I? Jeez, I'm so sorry. You know what? Just take it out of my tip. Or better yet, get really offended and leave.

GIA: Lucky and Nikolas need my help.

LIZ: Oh, like they need to be swarmed by killer bees.

GIA: If it weren't for me, they'd have no one to work with but a couple of airheads. That would be you and Emily.

LIZ: Listen, if it weren't for you --

GIA: "Hey, little girl, how about an ecstasy cocktail? You want a drink from a strange creep?" "Sure. Looks like water, tastes like paint thinner, makes my head spin. Give me more."

LIZ: I'm going to tell Lucky and Nikolas you're looking for them so they can run the other way.

GIA: Incidentally, I saved your skin. Zander was hot on your trail, and I'm the one who stepped in his path. Nikolas and me, ok?

LIZ: Well, the next time you're tempted to do me a favor, please try to hold yourself back.

GIA: You're welcome.

LIZ: And you know what? While you're at it, stay out of my face, ok?

LUCKY: What's the problem here?

GIA: She has a personality disorder.

LIZ: Yeah, well, I'm not too fond of you, either, so why don't you get out.

LUCKY: Because we need her.

LIZ: I can't imagine any reason why we would ever need Gia.

GIA: Hey, the feeling is mutual.

LIZ: Excellent. Then why don't you leave?

GIA: No problem.

LIZ: Great.

LUCKY: Hey, this is -- this is real perfect. We have a killer to deal with, and you guys are fighting? Come on. I brought Gia over here for a reason, ok? Juan and Nikolas are on their way.

GIA: You boys and girls have fun with your detective work. I have other ways to amuse myself.

LUCKY: Hey, Zander is a killer, and he knows who you are. Now, it may be just me, but I don't think you're going to want to handle him on your own.

GIA: So far i've handled him a lot better than she has.

LUCKY: I didn't realize that this was a contest. We're supposed to be working together.

GIA: And where would this one be if it weren't for us? Waking up in some dive with Zander?

LIZ: Like you care.

GIA: Frankly, no, i wouldn't. But for some strange reason, Lucky does. Have you even bothered to thank him, or do you just consider yourself entitled somehow?

LUCKY: Back off.

GIA: Here we go again. Lucky leaps in for the save. So, what's the story? Romantic attachment? Is that it? You're blinded by love?




LIZ: Do you have a boyfriend, Gia? Have you ever been in love? When was the last time you were on an actual date? These questions don't annoy you, do they?

GIA: I wasn't asking you. I was asking Lucky. Are you some kind of couple? Yes or no?

LUCKY: What difference could it possibly make to you?

LIZ: Translation -- it's none of your business.

NIK: Well, I see everybody's feeling comfortable and relaxed. I'm sure we have you to thank for that.

GIA: Elizabeth and Lucky were just confiding in me that they're more or less engaged.

LIZ: Oh, come on, Gia.

GIA: But they're being incredibly secret about the wedding date. Have you any idea when it is?

NIK: We will let you know.

GIA: So you're ok with this? You seem to be taking it well, considering you're hung up on Elizabeth.

LIZ: Oh, please

GIA: Which must get sort of awkward sometimes.

NIK: This little love analysis -- you come up with that on your own?

GIA: I'm a quick study. Haven't you noticed?

NIK: No, but I hope it's true because if you can't get along with the rest of the group, you're going to be dealing with zander on your own.

GIA: Well, this is nice. Everybody's minding their manners. Even the waitress is pleasant. You do realize she gets these horrible moods.

LIZ: And I feel one coming on right about now.

GIA: Oh, go ahead. Show your fan club how obnoxious you can be.

NIK: So this is where I came in.

LUCKY: I thought we had agreed to get along.

GIA: Yes, for a specific reason -- us versus Zander, some big plan. Unfortunately, I haven't heard it yet.

LUCKY: Well, I'll let you know as soon as Juan gets here.

GIA: Fine. And in the meantime? You know, light conversation's not easy with her.

LIZ: Why don't you sit there in silence?

NIK: Or order something to eat.

GIA: From whom? Oh, nice of you to show up.

LIZ: Hi.

JUAN: I was laying background tracks. I got here as soon as I could.

LUCKY: No problem.

GIA: So now can you tell us your genius idea?

LUCKY: Simple. We frame Zander for murdering Ted, which he did.

GIA: You said you got rid of the drug paraphernalia. What do you plan to use as evidence against zander?

LUCKY: Ted's body.

GIA: Very funny.

NIK: So, what are you suggesting? That we slip Ted into Zander's backpack?

GIA: You're not going to dig up a dead body.

NIK: We never buried him.

LUCKY: We go to a rave. Gia goes into her druggie act and keeps Zander busy. Juan comes up and snags the keys out of his pocket.

JUAN: Yeah, I can do that.

GIA: Back up. About this body --

LUCKY: We wait for Juan out in the parking lot.

NIK: This is the part that i'm not going to like.

LUCKY: Ted's in your trunk.

NIK: Yep, saw that coming.

LUCKY: We transfer Ted into Zander's car.

NIK: He's not a tennis racket. This is a frozen corpse.

GIA: Frozen? Excuse me? Frozen?

LIZ: Ted's in a freezer in the cellar at Wyndemere, ok?

GIA: With the leg of lamb and the sorbet?

NIK: Would you please relax, all right? It's not your freezer, it's mine, and I'm the one taking the risk.

LUCKY: Meanwhile, at the rave, Gia's still doing her thing. Juan comes back up, slips the keys back into his pocket.

GIA: This is a bad Alfred Hitchcock movie.

LUCKY: I dial 911, tip the cops off that there's this guy Zander peddling drugs at a rave. They show up, bust zander, search his trunk, and find one of their own. Well? Is it perfect or what?

LIZ: Ok. Number one, it is incredibly dangerous. And number two, it will never work.



August 28th 2000

[Kelly's: Juan, Liz, Lucky, Gia, and Nik are all sitting at a table, discussing the "Let's Frame Zander" plan.]

LIZ: Ok Lucky. Do you hear yourself? This isn't a plan this is a group suicide. There is no possible way this could work. Not in the real world.

GIA: Never let it be said but I don't admit when I'm wrong.

LIZ: Excuse me?

GIA: See I had you pegged for the cheer-leading type. Pom Poms, do or die, our team. Stuff like that. Guess not.

LUCKY: Nobody asked you, so why don't you stay out of it.

GIA: All I'm saying is maybe it's time you guys didn't hang on Elizabeth's every word. All lot of good plans have been doomed to fail by the negative attitude of one person.

LIZ: And you would know all about that.

JUAN: Can we stay focused here? We need to decide if this is what we are doing. And if so we got to figure out a way to make it work. Which doesn't give us a lot of time for everybody's weird side-trips. (Looks to Gia)

GIA: Everybody meaning me, of course

NIK: Of course you would think that Gia, but you know what as usual this isn't about you. Except for the where you are a constant pain in all our buts.

LIZ: Amen

NIK: (Gia starts to say something) I said knock it off.

LIZ: Ok. To make sure I'm not missing anything brilliant here, I'm just going to walk through the plan as you see it. Feel free to jump in if I get anything wrong. So after you [Lucky] and Nikolas cross the lake, with the dead body from Wyndemere, you're going to stuff it in the trunk of Nikolas' high profile jag, drive it across town, while Gia here, not the most charming person I've ever met, distracts a killer. Who doesn't realise, suddenly master criminal Jaun, lifting and then replacing his keys. How am I doing so far? (no one says anything) And not too mention the amazing stroke of luck not to have anyone notice you two guys transfering a body from on car into another in the middle of a rave parking lot. Lucky, read my lips: it is not possible.

LUCKY: Wooo. You sound like you want the plan to fail.

LIZ: I don't want the plan at all.

JUAN: Do you have a better one?

NIK: Does anyone?

GIA: Are you're giving me permission to speak?

ALL: No!

NIK: So ah, Juan?

JUAN: Look, I'm not crazy about it, but I can't think of anything better.

LIZ: Oh, come on you guys, we can think of something else.

LUCKY: No I have already though about it. There is no other way. (Liz looks distained.)




JUAN: Elizabeth isn't wrong about the risk. Instead of tranfering Ted's body into Zander's car, why don't we just leave it on an ally somewhere and annonomously tip of the cops.

GIA: No! If Zander isn't caught red-handed so we've got no wiggle room, for example with the body in his possession, the cops will not be able to hold him. And guess where he's headed right after his release? Striaght for yours truly. None of you have to care, but you'll understand if I do.

LUCKY: I never thought that I would say this, but Gia's right. Which makes my plan the only solution. Sure were going to have to choregraph this thing by the second.. Were smart. We can do this

LIZ: We may be too smart for our own good. Come on Lucky. Coreagraph? You're going to have to be practically invisable.

LUCKY: I understand where you're coming from. You know what? You don't have to come. We'll let the others decide for themselves. Who's in, who's out? No hard feelings either way.

JUAN: I'm in.

GIA: Me too.

NIK: I'm in

LUCKY: Elizabeth?

LIZ: I'll take a pass in case someone has to raise bail money, or notify next -of-kin.

GIA: That's nice.

LIZ: Go to hell.

JUAN: Look. It's settled. Were doing it. (Gets up) We've got to meet the eigener

NIK: Yeah, right, he's probably waiting for us. (to Gia) You need a ride anywhere?

GIA: I'll manage on my own


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