August 24th 2001

Lucky and Gia are still in her hotel room. Conversation carried over from yesterday

Gia: {Lucky goes over to her table and pours himself a glass of water} Listen to yourself, Lucky.  You're not making any sense.  This isn't who you are or what you feel.  Helena is in charge.

Lucky: You don't know what you're talking about.

Gia:  {Walks over to him} You know, I spent way too long hearing about your forever love with Elizabeth to believe that it could just disappear over night.  Helena zapped you again, but you're fighting it, and that's why you called me Elizabeth.

Lucky: I called you Elizabeth because you wouldn't shut up for five minutes about her all night.  This isn't about Helena.  I'm over Elizabeth, ok?  And if I would've known that you were coming up here to give me a lecture on love I wouldn't have come.  I wanted to do something.  I wanted--but you know what? {Sets the glass down} Thanks for nothing. {He turns to leave}

Gia: {Grabs his arm} Lucky--Lucky, wait.  Look.  I'm not--I'm not in the mood to be a rebound girl, and I'm not interested in healing anyone's broken heart, ok?  I--I'm barely over my own.  I just wanted to be sure that you're over Elizabeth.

Lucky: So, what do you need?  You need a note from my shrink? {He smiles}

Gia: I believe you.  And if you're available, then so am I. {Lucky smiles and moves closer to her for a kiss, but Gia pulls away} Lucky, please.

Lucky: What?  What now?  You're stalling, Gia.

Gia: I just--I want the mood to be right.  I'll get us some wine, ok?  Yeah.  {She walks away from him} I'll be right back.

Lucky: {Turns around} Wait a minute. {Walks over to her} Don't they have room service at this place?

Gia: {Turns around} I have something special in mind, and I know exactly where to go. So don't you move, ok?  Promise me?

Lucky: {Smiles} All right, all right, fine.  But just hurry up.

Gia: Ok. {She kisses him on the cheek and leaves}

Gia is at the Grille talking to Elizabeth about Lucky and how weird he's acting and there are no logical reasons for it. She decides she better call Lucky and make sure he's still in her hotel room.

Elizabeth: So, you said Lucky was acting wreckless.  Did he say why?  I mean, was he making sense or what?

Gia: Well, when I found him, he was pretty out of it.  He was, like, agitated, like there was something buzzing in his head and he couldn't turn it off.  And it was like he needed some big rush to kind of chase it away, you know--like driving fast or jumping out of a plane or having crazy sex.  {Elizabeth sat up straight as she looked at Gia} Not that it's any of your business, but, no we didn't, but not because Lucky wasn't interested.

Elizabeth: All right, all right, all right.  I don't need to hear anymore of this, ok?  Let's--let's just concentrate on doing something for Lucky while we still know where he is.

Gia: Speaking of which, I better make sure he stays put. {She digs into her purse and digs out her cell phone}

Lucky: {His cell phone rings} Hello?

Gia: Hey, it's me.  I'm sorry.  I got a little hung up.

Lucky: I was wondering if you changed your mind.

Gia: Never.  {Elizabeth looks at Gia} I can't wait to get back and pick up where we left off.  {Elizabeth looks away slightly}  I keep thinking about the way it felt when you were kissing me.

Lucky: Hmm.  Yeah, me, too.  Hurry.

Gia: I'll hurry.  I promise. {Gia looks at Elizabeth and then hangs up her phone}

Elizabeth: You enjoyed that, didn't you?

Gia: I had to make it convincing, didn't I?

Elizabeth: Well, not that convincing.

Gia: Oh, whatever.  Don't worry.  Lucky is not going anywhere.  So, what's the plan?

Elizabeth: All right.  I need to get into Helena's room.  There's something there I need.

Gia: Psycho granny's room.  Are you nuts?

Elizabeth: Yes, but I can't explain it right now, ok?  {She stands up} If she shows up here, keep her from going upstairs, all right?

Gia: Well, how am I supposed to do that?

Elizabeth: Well, I'm sure you'll think of something. {Gia sighs}



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