August 23rd 2001

Lucky: Are you sure you're up for this?

Gia: This is Nikolas' car. If you crash it, he'll be mad.

Lucky: Ask me if I care.

Gia: You're mad at Nikolas because he took Elizabeth.

Lucky: I told you I dumped Elizabeth. I told Nikolas he could have her.

Gia: Ok, now I know you're nuts.

Lucky: I'm mad at Nikolas because he's a Cassadine and he thinks he owns the damn world. But he doesn't own me. Nobody owns me. So let's do this, ok?

Gia: {Looks at Lucky} Is there any way I can talk you out of this?

Lucky: Hold on. I'm about ready to red line this thing with no lights and no hands.

Gia: And you call that a good time?

Lucky: Can you think of something better?

Gia: Try this. {She grabs Lucky and kisses him}

As Gia and Lucky continue to kiss, she reaches for his keys and pulls them out, then pulls back from their kiss with a smirk on her face

Lucky: That was a dirty trick.

Gia: {Smiles} Thank you.

Lucky: Give me the keys, Gia, now.

Gia: No, not a chance.

Lucky: If you're afraid, you can stay here.

Gia: Of course I'm afraid, lucky. You're acting like a lunatic, taking stupid chances because of what happened between you and Elizabeth.

Lucky: The way I handle Elizabeth is my business, not yours.

Gia: I'm concerned, ok?

Lucky: Well, I don't need you trying to control me. Can you understand that?

Gia: Yeah.

Lucky: I don't listen to anybody else's thoughts. I don't do what anybody else tells me to do anymore.

Gia: Did Helena tell you to do something else?

Lucky: No, I don't listen to you or anybody else about anything. {He reaches for the keys} Give me that!

Gia: No, {She puts the keys in her shirt} I don't think so. {Gia gets out of the car}

Lucky: Gia -- Gia, wait!

Lucky: {Grabs Gia's arm as he catches up with her on the docks} You're a lying sneak, Gia. A good one, I might add.

Gia: You have a broken heart, Lucky. You don't need a broken head to match. You should be thanking me.


Lucky: For what, tricking me? Making me chase you a half a mile?

Gia: For keeping you out of the hospital, where you'd probably be facing years of plastic surgery by now.

Lucky: Maybe. But if I was to get into a crash, it would only be me hurting myself.

Gia: What does that mean? You're worried about hurting someone?

Lucky: Just give me the keys.

Gia: No.

Lucky: Since when did you become the safety police?

Gia: About the same time you completely lost your mind.

Lucky: All right. All right. No more drag racing.

Gia: Promise?

Lucky: Yeah, I promise. Now, give me the keys. {He smiles as he moves toward her} Come on, Gia. Give me the keys. All right. {He tries to reach for her sweater}

Gia: {Moves his hands} Uh-uh. Don't even think about it, Spencer. {She throws the keys into the water and a smirk appears on her face as he looks at her}

Gia: I guess there's no way to dive in and find the keys.

Lucky: No, not at night. {Goes back over to Gia} Don't suppose you know how to hot-wire a car.

Gia: Possibly. But I have no intention of showing you. {Lucky forces a 'very funny' smile} If you're waiting for an apology, forget it. You were acting like you had some sort of death wish or something. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Lucky: I just wanted to have some fun, Gia, to not think, not analyze or examine. Just do. {He walks around her} Gia: When you say "think," you mean about Elizabeth?

Lucky: {Looks back at her} How many times do I have to say this? Elizabeth and I are history. I don't feel anything for her anymore.

Gia: That's impossible, Lucky. You guys were engaged.

Lucky: Yeah, well, we broke it off. It's over.

Gia: Ok, so, help me understand. How did you stop loving Elizabeth overnight?

Lucky: I can't explain it. I don't have to. {He sits down on the bench and so does Gia} Just the way it is.

Gia: But you remember being with her, right, and planning your wedding?

Lucky: I remember the facts, Gia. I don't remember the feelings. {Gia looks at him} It's like thinking of a stranger being with Elizabeth, like this whole thing happened to someone else. Look -- even if I wanted to feel something for Elizabeth, it's like I try to think of her voice or her face, and I don't feel anything. {They look at each other}

Gia: Something is really wrong.

Lucky: Forget it. {He stands up}

Gia: {She stands up, as well} What, like you did? I'm sorry, but you can't have just stopped loving Elizabeth. You don't turn love on and off like that.

Lucky: {He turns to face her} Nikolas did.

Gia: Nikolas never loved me. It was just a game to him. But you and Elizabeth -- you're the real thing. Your feelings didn't just disappear. They were taken from you, and it sounds like Helena had something to do with it.

Lucky: {Gets upset} Will you just stop worrying about me, damn it!

Gia: Lucky, you need help. And if you won't go to Elizabeth and your mom's gone and your dad's all weird, then -- Lucky: Don't talk about my father either, all right?

Gia: Lucky, in this case, it seems like I'm all you've got.

Lucky: What's that supposed to mean?

Gia: You're in trouble, and I won't let you hurt yourself.

Lucky: {Shakes his head} You know, I am so tired of people worrying about me. I've had it. I'm out of here.

Gia: {Grabs his arm} Not a chance. Lucky, we are in this together. Let me help you. {He just looks at her}

Gia: {Lucky and Gia walk into her room} Something is really wrong. Why else would you be acting so crazy?

Lucky: All I know is coming to your room is the best idea we've had all night. Well, so far, anyway.

Gia: {Walks over to him} And driving 180 miles an hour with the headlights off -- that was the worst idea, I'll tell you that. What were you thinking?

Lucky: I wasn't.

Gia: Yeah, no kidding.

Lucky: I was feeling -- and feeling pretty good, I might add. That's what it's all about, right, the big rush, living life on the edge?

Gia: Risking your neck drag racing?

Lucky: You've never even tried it. How would you know if you liked it or not?

Gia: I've never been bitten by a shark, either, but I'm pretty sure of how I'd react. {She walks away from him and he laughs}

Lucky: You need to relax, Gia. What's playing it safe gotten you anyhow?

Gia: All of my body parts intact.

Lucky: Uh. {Walks over to her} Well, thank you for stopping me from drag racing, then, because I wouldn't want to do anything to ruin your {Touches her arms} million-dollar body parts and those million-dollar lips {Gia looks at him} you used so effectively to swipe my keys {As he leans closer to her, Gia pulls away from him and walks to the other side of the room} -- this is why you brought me up here, right? Come on, Elizabeth.

Gia: "Elizabeth"?

Lucky: Gia. Sorry. I don't know why I said that.

Gia: Maybe you wanted to. {Lucky looks at her} If Helena's been messing with your brain again, maybe she didn't do as good a job as she thought



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