August 21st 2001

Lucky has just come from the safehouse after being brainwashed to forget Elizabeth. He is walking along the docks.

Helena's voice: Lucky, you never loved Elizabeth. You never will.  Name a memory and it will be gone.  You never loved Elizabeth.

Vision of Elizabeth:  Lucky? (Lucky turns around) You know I love you, and I know you love me.

Lucky: I don't love you

Elizabeth: It's only Helena. Don't be afraid

Lucky: (slightly raising voice) I've never loved you.

Elizabeth: Helena makes you do terrible things.

Lucky: Leave me alone.

Elizabeth: Like push me away, and hurt your father. Lucky, what happened to your father?

Lucky: NOO!!!

Elizabeth disappears and Lucky, stressed, takes a seat on a bench. Gia walks up to him.

Gia: Lucky?

Lucky: (regular voice) Hey, how's it goin?

Gia: Are you all right?

Lucky: Yeah. Yeah, actually I'm great (stands up)

Gia: Then why were you screaming?

Lucky:  Ohh, you divas are all the same (smiles)

Gia: (smiles back) No, I'm serious

Lucky: What, a guy can't yell out at the docks once in awhile? At the water?

Gia: (shrugs) So where have ya been?

Lucky: (kind of serious) I've been around

Gia: Well I've been worried sick

Lucky: (concerned) Why?

Gia: Lucky, we all have

Lucky: Well, look I mean, I can say that I'm-- I'm great and everythings cool (chuckles)

Gia: (sadly) I wish I felt the same...

Lucky: Gia... you need to forget about Nikolas, he's so beneath you and so not worth worrying about

Gia: Easy to say, hard to do

Lucky: (smiles) I dumped Elizabeth

Gia: (smiles back) Get out, no you didn't

Lucky: Yeah, just like that. I'm done with what I can't have and I'm going for what I can. Ya know, you should try that.

Gia: I'm not there yet

Lucky: Well I can give you a little assistance with that

He walks towards her and pulls her into a kiss, which surprises her but she doesn't make an attempt to stop him.


August 22nd 2001

Gia and Lucky are still on the docks and still kissing, that is until Gia pulls away.

Gia: Whoa... (walks around him) what was that?

Lucky: (grins) Well if you don't know, then I'm gonna have to try again (begins walking toward her)

Gia: (puts her hands in front of him to stop him) No. You just kissed me out of nowhere. What is going on with you?

Lucky: What's going on with me? Whatever you want! We can go out to Manhattan-- check out a few clubs, could get a suite over looking Central Park-- explore the possibilities until the morning runs out. OR we could check out your suite, and see where the rest of the night takes us...

Gia: (shocked) You're serious?

Lucky: I'm so done with serious, I'm all about having fun... listen Gia... I like you, you like me, now give me one good reason we shouldn't take this as far as it goes?

Gia: I know exactly what you're feeling (walks around him, he turns and looks at her) You think if you jump into bed with the nearest warm body, you'll forget all about Elizabeth.

Lucky: No, this isn't about Elizabeth.

Gia: (sighs) Don't think I haven't been tempted to dive into bed with the first hot guy and--

Lucky: (doesn't exactly believe her) Oh really??

Gia: Yeah (rolls her eyes) and there has been one--

Lucky: hmmm...

Gia: and hes gorgeous and charming and...he gave me this (points out broch) for cancelling someting that wasn't even a real date.

Lucky: (looks at broch and nods) Very nice

Gia: Look, I could have slept with him but it wouldn't have helped. Only time can do that, and a little distance, and Lucky you can go out tonight and pick up the first girl you meet, but tomorrow morning you'll still be as unhappy as you are right now...

Lucky: I'm not unhappy. (smiles) I'm bored! I wanna get out there on the edge again, I wanna feel alive! But if you're not interested in that, then fine, I guess I'm just gonna have to go with plan A then.

Gia: (lost) Which is what? To self destruct? (he looks at her)

Gia walks towards Lucky, who has his back to her

Gia: Lucky, what is wrong with you? Does it have anything to do with Helena?

Lucky: (rolls his eyes and turns around) I wanna have some fun. God! Don't you remember when you came here last summer and you werre lying to your mother (Gia glances away) and you had that part time gig blackmailing?

Gia: That was not a good time in my life, all right? I was confused, like obviously you are now.  Look, you're mad at Nikolas and Elizabeth you you're acting out.

Lucky: Who cares about them?! (turns and walks away, then stops and turns back around) Oh. You must care about them,  You're still hoping that Nikolas will change his mind and beg you to forgive him, right? Reality check Gia: Nikolas wants to be with Elizabeth, he's making no secret about that. Infact I just saw them, they're together right now. (She looks away)

Gia: (turns and walks away, he follows her) If Nikolas wants to be with Elizabeth then I don't want to be with him (turns back around) I deserve better than to be second choice.

Lucky: Let me know when you actually believe that. (she looks away) You're so busted Gia, you miss Nikoals so much you can't even see straight.

Gia: I'm missing a fantasy. Nikolas (walks toward a bench) isn't that person that I loved. That (sits down)  that person was honest and amazingly sensitive and he would have never treated me like this. I fell for a lie.

Lucky: (takes a deep breath, walks over and sits on the arm of the bench) Ya know the best way to get over a rotten experience? Is to put as many experiences as you can between you and it.

Gia: (looks as him) And suddenly you're the expert at breaking up? I thought Elizabeth was your first girlfriend?

Lucky: Whatever Elizabeth was, she's with Nikolas now. (Stands up in front of her) Come on, let's do something, let's do someting insane, let's live a little! (crosses his arms)

Gia: I am living... I have a great career, I'm suing Nikolas and I'm starting to see someone else...

Lucky: Wait. Hold up a second (sits down next to her) What? You're suing Nikolas?

Gia: Yes, I'm going to prove to him and his snobby family and the world at large that I cannot be casually dismissed

Lucky: (smiles) Huh. Suing Nikolas is just a pathetic attempt to get his attention, it won't work, he's moved on. (sits back) Hell, I don't even know if he ever cared about you to begin with...

Gia: Okay Lucky, this better be your way of channeling hurt

Lucky: Dream on. I know misery loves company but you can't be more wrong, I was never that hung up over Elizabeth.

Gia: Right

Lucky: Hey it's just like you said, Elizabeth was my first girlfriend, now I don't necessarily want to be with the same girl for the rest of my life, how boring would that be? I really don't have a problem with Nikolas being with Elizabeth, actually it's kind of a relief. It's like there's this weight thats been lifted off my shoulders. Now any girl I wanna ask out or spend time with, where ever it goes, it's all good from there.

Gia: Ok, back to my first thought, I don't know who you are, but you are no Lucky Spencer. Is this something Helena's doing? (he looks at her)

Lucky: This has nothing to do with Helena. (stands up) I'm officially starting a new life. No Elizabeth. No Nikolas. No depressing family. Just goo times and adrenaline. No rules. No limitations. Just feeling alive.

Gia: (stands up) Why are you pretending that Elizabeth was never important?

Lucky: I don't want to talk about Elizabeth! Infact, I don't want to talk at all. I have some place I have to be (walks around her).

Gia: (turns to him) where?

Lucky: (stops and turns to her) Theres a drag race on the highway in about 15 minutes and heres the best part (hold up keys) I'm driving Nikolas' Jag. And the last 100 yards, I'm gonna take my hands off the wheel  and shut the lights out.

Gia: (concerned) Lucky are you trying to get yourself killed?

Lucky: (tosses the keys in the air and catches them)(walking away) You need to lighten up, Gia.

Lucky is sitting in the car, when he starts it up Gia gets in the paaenger seat. He looks at her.

Gia: You're not going anywhere without me.



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