August 14th 2000

[still at the rave... Elizabeth got drugged by Zander so Lucky took her home or something...he's back now]

JUAN: Hey.

NIK: Guys, it's -- it's cool. Lucky got Elizabeth away from -- from Zander, I think his name is.

GIA: Great. Can I leave now? No offense, but I could probably think of about a million other places i'd rather be than stuck here with the bunch of you.

NIK: Yeah, well, you're no day at the beach, either.

GIA: Oh, then we finally agree on something. Hand over the money for a job well done, if I may say so, and I'm out of here. Later.

NIK: No, hold up. I can -- I'll give you a ride.

GIA: I can find my own way home, thank you.


JUAN: Hey.

NIK: Hey.

JUAN: So, are we good to go? I want to get back to Kelly's. I'm sure Emily is going nuts waiting for us.

LUCKY: We're ready. Gia, not a word of this to anyone.

GIA: Or whatever this was.

ZANDER: Where'd your friends go in such a hurry?



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