August 10th 2000

[outside Kelly's]

EMILY: Look, you guys, it's worth the risk if i can identify the killer.

LUCKY: Wait a minute. Here comes our star witness right now.

LIZ: It's her.

NIK: Everybody, meet Gia.

EMILY: Would you mind if i called you blackmailer?

GIA: Fine. Would you prefer underaged slut or teenaged druggie?

JUAN: Hey, knock it off.

NIK: Every time you make a crack like that, it's going to cost you 50 bucks.

GIA: And every time you try to cop a feel, my price goes up 100.

LUCKY: So, what, you suddenly just got a conscience?

GIA: You ought to take lessons from this guy. He knows how to get what he wants.

LUCKY: Nice work.

GIA: Well, if it isn't the census taker. Looks like i'm not the only scam artist in the room.

LIZ: The name's Elizabeth.

GIA: Everyone call you Liz for short?

LIZ: Never.

GIA: Ooh, touchy.

EMILY: Look, you guys, do we really need to do this? I mean --

GIA: What's your problem, Emily? You've got all these guys watching out for you, and you're still not happy. So, which one's your boyfriend? My money's on the blond.

LUCKY: Nice try. Wrong.

LIZ: We're all friends -- something you obviously know nothing about.

GIA: Every putdown will cost you another hundred.

EMILY: Wait a minute. You're paying her?

NIK: Look, if Gia can help us find the person that we're looking for, it's worth every penny. Anybody disagree?

GIA: Looks like i'm in.




LUCKY: I think we all should ride together to the rave. We'll meet here on Friday.

NIK: And I'll pick you up at Mrs. O'lear's.

GIA: I don't want you anywhere near where I live.

NIK: Yeah, well, she'll expect to see me.

JUAN: Where are you going to be while we're at the rave?

EMILY: I don't know. I guess just hanging around.

LIZ: We'll check in with you, ok?

LUCKY: Is everybody clear on what we need to do?

NIK: When we get there, the five of us circulate and can try and gather some information on Ted.

GIA: And I'm being paid to see if I spot anyone who might have been in the motel parking lot the night you were getting it on with Ted.

NIK: And that just cost you 50 bucks.

GIA: You need me, remember? I don't need any of you.

NIK: Ok, well, if you're thinking about double-crossing us, don't.

LUCKY: Yeah, because we could always tell Mrs. O'lear and the police how we happened to meet you.

GIA: You just can't resist a threat, can you?

LIZ: Like you couldn't resist blackmailing Emily?

GIA: See ya.


August 11th 2000

[at the rave]

GIA: You know, I'm going to charge double if you guys don't stop dissing me. I'm doing you guys a favor, remember?

NIK: You're doing a job and getting overpaid.

LUCKY: Are you clear what we want?

GIA: To see if I recognize anyone else who might have caught little Miss Emily going into the sex shack with the lover boy. What i'm not clear on is why.

NIK: For what i'm paying, you don't get to ask questions, all right? We should go.

LIZ: Em, here, take these if you want to hang out in my room. If not, just give them back to Tammy, ok?

EMILY: Thanks.

JUAN: You're not going.

EMILY: I'm just going to walk you guys out to the street.

LUCKY: No, you know what? You're going to sit tight, and we're going to be back as soon as we can.

NIK: Come on.

GIA: What did I tell you about touching me?

EMILY: Wait, you guys. Just remember this for me, ok? We don't know who we're dealing with here. This was someone that murdered an undercover cop. Please be safe, you guys.

JUAN and LUCKY: Don't worry.

LIZ: We're going to watch out for each other, ok? See you.




[Music plays]

LUCKY: Hey, guys, we need a plan before we go in there. All right, we'll split up. Be cool. You know, let it drop that you're looking for ted. You saw him at the last rave, you want to see him again. Keep it vague. And remember, always keep one of us in sight at all times. Any questions?

GIA: I have one.

LUCKY: You don't count.




JUAN: Look, I'm on it.

NIK: Uh-uh, uh-uh. I promised that I'd be your date.

GIA: I'm not on a date

NIK: Look, I will -- I will stay with Gia, ok, to make sure she stays focused on her job.

LUCKY: You know what? Why don't I take Gia?



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