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                       The Section Two Archive



La Femme Nikita...the one to watch...


"One night I was taken from my cell to a place called Section One, the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet. Their ends are just but their means are ruthless, if I don't play by their rules I die."



This page was created so that all the humorous and wacky postings from the Section Two Fandom, Birkoff Babes Fandom and other places in the La Femme Nikita universe could be preserved and archived for future laughs. Browse the different themed pages and prepare to laugh. If you want to come back to this page just click on the bullet holes at the top of every page. Everything on these pages are straight from Section Two Operatives and their warped minds. So go on if you dare and prepare to laugh....
                                          Codename: Raine


The Secret Vault

The Re-Casting Page

The Nursery

Your Addicted to LFN if...

The Character Files

The Birkoff Babe Files

Section Two Fan Fiction



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Disclaimer: This website was created and is devoted to La Femme Nikita as a fan page, no money is made whatsoever. All the legal and copyright rights to La Femme Nikita are the property of USA Networks and Fireworks Entertainment and all content (graphics and text) is used here without permission.  I do NOT claim to own anything associated with LFN so please don't sue me, I'm just a fan.

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