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Liz, Or and SuMac at the breakfast
There are the ladies, Liz, Or and SuMac at the Fan Event Breakfast. Who is that girl behind them??

The Q and A session
The Question and Answers Session takes place. It seems Melody is taking center stage.

Peter Bergman and Melody Thomas Scott
There is Peter Bergman (Jack) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) talking to everyone. They are all probably laughing and celebrating that Eric Braeden (Victor) was a no show.

Victoria Rowell and Christel Khalil signing autographs
Look at Victoria Rowell (Dru) in that big hat! She is also signing autographs with Christel Khalil (Lily). And that Elliot guy is there again.

McKay Giller and Eileen Davidson signing autographs
Aww, Eileen Davidson (Ashley) is with McKay Giller (Noah) signing those photos.

Elizabeth Harrower and Jeanne Cooper
There's Elizabeth Harrower (ex-Charlotte) and Jeanne Cooper (Kay). We sure miss Elizabeth!! What's up with the girl by Jeanne?

Melody Thomas Scott and Heather Tom
The on screen mother/daughter duo (Melody and Heather Tom) signs autographs.

Brody Hutzler, SuMac and Greg Rikaart
I guess SuMac doesn't think "Kevin" is so creepy off camera. Brody Hutzler (Cody) looks a little nervous standing there. Lets hope SuMac didn't do anything to him.

Harrower and Headwriter Kay Alden
There's Elizabeth Harrower again and our beloved headwriter Kay Alden. :)

Jeanne, Keith, John, Laura and Lauralee
Look at Jeanne, Laura Bryan Birn (Lynne), the guy that plays the all-purpose lawyer "John Silva", and Lauralee Bell (Christine). Oh wait, and who's that guy who has his legs crossed? Oh right, he plays the most boring and annoying character on the show in ages, Damon Porter.

Or and Melody smiling for the camera
Or finally got a chance to pose with Melody in a picture! Congrats! We know how much she loves her! I hope Melody's alright! :)

Or and Thad Luckinbill
There's Or again, posing with Thad Luckinbill (J.T.).

Camryn Grimes and McKay Giller
Camryn Grimes (Cassie) and McKay continue to sign away.

SuMac and David Fralick
Whoa! SuMac looks like she is about to pounce on David "Shark" Fralick (Larry)!

Lyndsy Fonseca and Christel Khalil
The on screen friends "Colleen" and "Lily" are taking their friendship off screen it seems, as they chat.

David Lago and Lauren Woodland
There's David Lago (Raul) and Lauren Woodland (Brittany) is with him if you can see her there. The one in the hat.


Ashley and Brad
Oh look, its that's woman who plays Or's favorite character, Ashley, and the guy that plays her hubby!

Beau Kazer and Whit
Beau Kazer and Whit

Beau proposing to SuMac
"Brock" proposing to SuMac

Camryn Grimes and Karen Hensel
Camryn Grimes and Karen Hensel

Brody, SuMac and Michelle Stafford
Brody Hutzler, SuMac and Michelle Stafford

Elliot and Fralick
Some guy named Elliot :) and David "Shark" Fralick

David Lago's Harem
Look at them all over David Lago! (Su, Or, Whit, Liz)

Liz and Peter
Liz and smiling Jack!

Liz and Jeanne
That pesky Liz and Jeanne Cooper

Liz and boring Tomas
Liz and wait, who's that man, oh he played the boring character named Tomas :-)

Or and Christian
Or and Christian LeBlanc

Or and Don
Look at Or, she knows she wants Don!

Or and oldDiane
Or and the old Diane, Alex Donnelly, we sure miss her!

Or and Shemar
Or and Shemar Moore, she is a little too close. :)

David Lago's Harem
They are still all over this guy?

SuMac and Don
SuMac and Don Diamont

Tomas and SuMac
Him again?.... and SuMac

Whit and Brad
Whit schmoozes up to Don

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