Sentinel Slash Stories  

                By Geli

This are slash stories, aka erotic male/male relationships. If you are under the age of majority in your country, please leave.

Last updated: 21. April 2003

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My Boyfriend Is An Alien
* The morning after Jim's relevation about his true nature. Sequel to This Is Not Happening!. Drama, NC-17

The Virgin Dancer  * Blair dreams about an exotic dancer: Jim. First times, romance, NC-17

Being Bi?  * Blair has a new anthro project: exploring his bisexuality. Jim volunteers. Humor, first times, NC-17

The Harem Boy
 * Blair is sold to the harem of James. AU, first times, NC-17

The Morning Lake  * An early morning swimming bring both men closer. First times, romance, NC-17

Olympic Games  * Jim and Blair watch the Olympic games. Jim tries to show off his legs. Humor, first times, NC-17

Jim's Kinks  * Jim dares Blair to reveal his secret kinks and gets him into bed with him. Then what? Humor, first times, NC-17

Heat Wave  * A really hot day in Cascade leads to naked skin and revelations. Humor first times, PG

Pink Leather - Aozora  * Extravagant AU. Jim is a photographer with a secret and Blair designs rubber clothes. AU, wip

I'd Like To See You Naked  * A hug leads to a relevation. After TSbBS. First times, PG

This Is Not Happening!  * Blair finds out the truth about Jim's senses. X-Filish AU, first times. NC-17

Doctor Sandburg's Monster  * Blair creates a man from a corpse. This Jim might not survive. Shelley AU, romance, NC-17

Kiss Me Tiger!  * Jim and Blair undercover in a porn movie production. Humor, first times, SM/leather/bondage, NC-17

Freedom Run  * SVS story. Jim and Blair and a crazy case about Chinese mobsters. Humor, action, explosions, NC-17

The Philosopher  * Jim becomes the slave of a nice Roman philosopher. AU, humor, first times, NC-17

The Locked Door  * Jim confesses his love and Blair submits. First times, b&d, toys, NC-17 PWP

The Secrets Of The Closet  * Blair discovers a secret kink of Jim and shares it with him. First times, drag, NC-17

La Playa  * A young Blair meets a handsome stranger on the beach. First times, b&d, AU, NC-17

Tied To Me  * Sequel to La Playa. Jim and Blair for another hot night. B&d, AU,  NC-17 PWP

Scent And Taste
 * Jim and Blair in the woods for field studies. First times, romance,  PG

Merry Month  * MOMM challenge. Blair has some fantasies involving a certain cop in silk stockings. Drag fantasy, Rocky Horror Picture Show, NC-17

Sic Mea Fata  * At a weekend off, Jim wants to try something new. First times, romance, NC-17

Auditory Test  * Jim and Blair do a test in a lab and Jim gets a kinky reward. NC-17

Men In Drag  * Jim was once undercover in drag, he dares Blair to try drag too. First times, humor, drag, NC-17

Professor Sandburg  * AU, 10 years later. Blair is professor and Jim a wealthy businessman. First times, drama, NC-17

Professor Sandburg 2  * Both men struggle with their new relationship. Drama, NC-17

Flowers Of Evil  * Auction story. A secret admirer send flowers and gifts to Jim. Drama, death of a minor character, h/c, NC-17

After Dark  * Blair wants to hunt down the old Vampire James, but soon the hunter becomes the prey. Dark drama. NC-17

The Sex Slave  * Blair has enough from Jim's domination and finds a hard solution. Non-con, NC-17

School's Over!  * Blair struggles with his new life as a cop, Jim tries to help. First times, drama, NC-17

School's Over 2   * Both men contemplate their relationship the morning after. Drama, NC-17

Poachers  * What will Blair do, when he finds out about Jim and Tommy Woo. Missing scenes for Poachers, first times, J/B, J/m, NC-17

Prince Wolf  * The knight Lord Ellison has sworn to free prince Blair from an evil spell. Medieval AU, romance, first times, drag, NC-17

Rainy Days  * Jim and Blair in a tent and it rains! Humor, first times, PG-13

Humping  * How Blair became Jim's sex therapist. First times,  humor, NC-17

The Student  * Blair is accused to have raped one of his students. Jim tries desperately to prove Blair's innocence, while the press starts to destroy their lives. Drama, first times, NC-17

Beloved Enemy  * Jim meets undercover a dangerous man, who makes demands. Non-con, drama, NC-17

Beloved Friend
 * Sequel to Beloved Enemy. Jim wants to meet Blair again and to find out the truth. Drama, NC-17

Snowman  * Jim and Blair on vacations in a cabin. Humor, first times, NC-17

Learning by Books series:
Learning By Books
Learning By Doing
A Sentinel's Adventure At The Supermarket
NC-17, romance, first times

Stories of Peru:
Incacha's Death
After the death of the shaman Blair learns the truth about Jim and Incacha. First times, romance, NC-17 .
Jungle Fever and Rainy Season
Two short stories about Jim in Peru. J/Incacha, PG-13
The Shaman
Jim talks about the tribe and his relationship with Incacha. Drama, PG-13
Sunday Afternoon
Jim tells Blair one of his erotic fantasies about Peru. Romance, first times, J/B, NC-17


Gen. Jimmy, Stevie and Blair meet at a garden party.
Snippets and Obsenads
Collection of very short stories which might one day become a full story! Most of them NC-17!

 Halloween Stories

Stories appeared in zines:

Rainy Days   in Come To Your Senses 12
The Locked Door   in Love & Guns 10
The Snowman   in CTYS 19
The Virgin Dancer    in Kinks 2
The Harem Boy    in Love & Guns 13
The Lake   in Love & Guns 13
Olympic Games   in Love & Guns 13
Oktoberfest    in Jim and Blair do the World
Jim's Kinks   in Whispers Of The Heart 5