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Stories from the Heart: Juanita's Dukes Of Hazzard Fanfic Page

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Updated! January 17th, 2003

Bo and Candy: A Love Story

Will Candy Cane Stand By Her Man?  

Bo Duke suffers a head injury and become a different man. Will Bo and Candy's marriage last?


Honeybee Duke's Christmas Wish  

Bo and Candy's little girl has a very special Christmas wish for her new little friend.


Will Bo Duke Give Into Temptation?  

A beautiful new stranger comes to Hazzard with one purpose… to break up Bo and Candy's marriage. Will Candy Cane be able to hold on to her man?


Candy Cane Loses Her Memory  

Bo Duke's wife suffers a head injury and loses her memory. Will his love be strong enough to bring her back?


Cousin Alice Kidnaps Bo Duke  

Cousin Alice returns yet again and kidnaps Bo Duke. Will Candy Cane and the kids ever see him again?


Honeybee Duke is Missing  

As Bo and Candy Cane wait for the arrival of the new baby, their little girl Honeybee is kidnapped.


Candy Cane Fights For Her Man  

Cousin Alice comes back to Hazzard County and tries to steal Bo Duke from Candy Cane, again!



The Duke Kids Series


A Teddy Bear Is A Little Boy's Best Friend

Three-year-old Bo Duke gets a very special gift from his momma and daddy.


Bo Duke's Gift of Love To Candy Cane  

Five year old Bo Duke has a very special gift for his sweetheart Candy Cane.


Bo and Candy Cane Run Away From Home  

Jesse Duke falls in love but will his love for her make him blind to her evil ways?


The Hazzard County Blizzard  

Bo and Candy Cane get caught in the worst blizzard Hazzard County's ever seen. Will they survive?


Bo and Candy Cane Save Christmas   

Bo and Candy Cane overhear Boss Hogg plotting to swindle everyone in Hazzard County out of their hard earned money right before Christmas.  So Bo and his little sweetheart come up with a plan to foil Boss' evil scheme. Will they succeed? 





                                       Bo and Candy: Childhood Friendship


Bo Duke And The Tooth Fairy 

Four year old Bo Duke decides to wait up and see the tooth fairy.


Martha Duke's Chocolate Chip Cookie Thief

Martha Duke can't seem to keep any cookies in the house.

Bo and Candy’s First Kiss

Just like the title says, its Bo and Candy Cane’s first kiss.

Candy Cane, Will You Be My Valentine?

Five year old Bo Duke asks four year old Candy Cane to be his Valentine. Will the Hazzard County He-man Women Haters Club spoil everything?


Hughie Hogg Strikes Again 

Old Hughie tries to break up Bo and Candy Cane and you'll never guess who old Hughie's got on his side.


Bo Duke And The Jeb Tyler Twins      

Folks those good ol' country girls Sam and Sandy set another trap and guess who's out there to catch again!


Bo Meets Cousin Alice For The First Time

Will Luke be able to rescue Bo or will he have to eat pecan cookies for the rest of his life?


Candy Cane Meets Cousin Alice For The First Time

Look out folks, its gonna be a real barnburner.




                                       NASCAR Series

The Race

What is Bo thinking about after he wins the Atlanta 500?



  Bo and Candy: A Hazzard Love Story set in late 90s/early 2000


The Letter

Candy Cane writes a letter to Bo explaining why she had to leave Hazzard.

Bo and Candy Get Married

Title says it all =)

A Baby For Bo and Candy Cane

Will it be a boy or a girl when Mr. and Mrs. Duke have their first child?

Valentine's Night

Romance for the folks of good old Hazzard County.


Vance Duke Returns To Hazzard County

Good old Vance Duke comes back to Hazzard, but he’s not the same good old boy he used to be and it could spell disaster for the Dukes.

Luke Duke Says I Do

Luke Duke marries Karen and Candy has a surprise for Bo.

Happy Thanksgiving Hazzard County

Will Bo Duke lose the only woman that he's ever loved?



Happy Anniversary Bo and Candy

Bo and Candy Cane celebrate seven happy years together. But guess whose back in good old Hazzard County trying to cause trouble again.


                                Return Of The Carnival Of Thrills Series

Carnival Of Thrills: Fanfic Version

Rebuilding A Life

Bo Duke Meets His Daughter



Rosco P Coltrane For President

Look out America, everyone’s favorite sheriff is runnin’ for the nation’s highest office!

Those Duke Boys From Hazzard County (a song)


  Cinderella: Hazzard County Style  Fairy Tales The Wizard Of Oz: Hazzard Style


       Here are spoilers for all the stories that are done but not posted yet. =)



                                                    NASCAR Series

Jeannie Marie

While on the Nascar Circuit, Bo Duke meets and falls in love with a brand new lady. Does she really love him or is she just using him?


Lonely Christmas

Bo thinks he'll be spending Christmas alone, but he meets someone that makes him realize how lucky he really is.


Whatever Carla Wants, Carla Gets

Bo Duke meets and falls in love with Carla Davidson. But does she really love Bo or is he just a passing fancy to her?


For the love of Taylor 

Bo promises to win a race for a little five year old fan of his.



                                                   Daisy Duke Tales


Katherine Anne Duke

It’s the story of Daisy's momma and how Daisy came to live at the Duke farm


Daisy Duke: Will She or Won't She?

Enos asks Daisy to marry him again but someone comes back from Daisy's past to claim her for his own


Daisy, Enos and Babies Make Five

Daisy and Enos learn that they're about to become the parents of triplets




Hank Duke Falls In Love and Gets Married

Learn how Luke Duke's Great-Great Granddaddy met and fell in love with his wife Tammy


The Dukes of Hazzard-1884

Meet Bo Duke's Great-Great Grandfather Joseph James Duke


The Story Of Jackson and Ginia Duke

The year is Nineteen Fifty-Nine when Bo Duke's momma and daddy fell in love


Happy Birthday Ginia Duke

Ginia Duke receives a very special gift from Jackson. So look out folks it's a night of sweet romance Hazzard County style


The Story of Jesse and Martha Duke

Learn how Jesse Duke met and fell in love with his wife Martha


The Dukes Last Moonshine Run

Learn how the Duke boys go on probation and Uncle Jesse's promise to the U.S. Government.


The Black Sheep in the Duke Family

It’s the story of how Luke’s Momma and Daddy met and also Lucas K. Duke comes into the world


It's a Baby Boy For Jackson and Ginia Duke

Beauregard James Duke comes into the world.


More Like Brothers Then Cousins 

Bo proves to Luke that he’s much more then a cousin, he’s a brother.


Good-bye Hazzard County 

Eighteen-year-old Luke Duke joins the Marines. Will life be the same for Bo now that Luke's gone?


Bo Duke, I'll Always Love You 

The return of Cousin Alice!



        Bo and Candy Series: A love story 1995 to early 2ooos


Goodbye Candy Cane, I'll Love You Forever 

Candy Cane's new stepfather decides that it's time to leave Hazzard. Will Bo and Candy Cane ever see each other ever again?


 If You Really Love Someone 

Candy Cane leaves Bo and the kids to save their lives.


 Will The Real Bo Duke Please Stand Up? 

Someone trying to break up his and Candy Cane’s marriage kidnaps Bo Duke. Will Candy Cane and the kids be able to find out who is the real Bo Duke when an imposter takes his place?


Christmas Is A Time For Miracles 

Three days before Christmas, Honeybee Duke falls through the ice on Hazzard Pond. Will Bo and Candy lose their little girl?


The Interview 

A Country Music Magazine interviews Candy Cane.


Honeybee Duke Falls in Love 

Bo and Candy's little girl gets a good old fashion case of puppy love.


Welcome Robby and Bobby Duke 

Luke and Karen welcome their brand new twin baby boys into the world.


Mommy Dearest 

Candy Cane's mother and stepfather return to Hazzard. Will Candy be able to forgive them for what they've done or will there be a tragedy?


Candy Cane Please Come Back To Me 

Will Bo's love be enough to bring Candy back from the catonic state she is in?

(Part 2 of Mommy Dearest)


Until Death Due Us Part

Bo and Candy’s plane crashes. Could this be the end of Hazzard County’s Fairy Tale romance?



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