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Honeybee Duke Is Missing


“Hey Bo honey, I've got to go to the doctors. Afterwards Daisy and I plan to do a little shopping. So make sure the girls have their lunch.”


“Candy, sweetheart don't you worry, I'll take good care of the girls.”


“Momma, we'll take care of Daddy.” Honeybee said.


Tammy nodded in agreement. “As long as Fluffy and Buffy are here, we'll all be safe.”


Candy smiled. “Ok, I'll see y'all later.”


“You forgot something,” Bo bent down and kissed Candy on the lips.


“You wait till I get you alone,” She said.


“I can hardly wait,” Bo smiled.


At Doc Applebee's office


“I hope everything goes all right this time,” Candy commented.


“It's been five years and your muscle disease hasn't progressed.”


“I hope it's a boy. Bo loves Honeybee and Tammy with all of his heart but I know that he'd like a son.”


“Long as you’re careful in a week you will get your wish if you’re careful.”


Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” Doc Applebee replied.



“Can me and Tammy eat outside today, daddy?” Honeybee asked.


Tammy added. “Can we, please?”


Bo never being able to refuse a lady. “Okay, but stay right where I can see you.”


The two girls giggle and get their plates off the counter, then head outside.


Bo looked out the window and saw the two girls eating and playing. He was thinking about what a truly lucky man he is while turning to wash the table off.  He heard a scream.


Tammy ran into the house then. “Daddy daddy, some meanie just grabbed Honeybee. He was wearing a white coat and hat.  He told us that he was a friend of yours and Mommy.”


“Darling, you stay here and keep the door locked until mommy comes home. I’m going to get Luke so we can go look for that dang blasted Hughie Hogg.” Bo told her.


Tammy had tears in her eyes. “Please find Honeybee, I don’t know what I’ll do if anything happens.”


“Let me go!” Honeybee screamed.


“Be quiet you little brat!”


“I will not! You take me home right now or my daddy will beat the twinkies out of you!”


“Miss Honeybee Duke, if they hand over the Duke farm then you'll go back.”  


“You meanie, you'll be sorry!”


“You'll pay for that you little brat!” Hughie yelled when she kicked him in the ankle.  




“Bo,” Candy smiled when she saw her husband, the expression soured because the look on Bo's face told her something was wrong. “Is it one of the kids?”


“Hughie Hogg's kidnapped Honeybee, but I promise you that we'll get her back. I swear to God that we will,” Bo vowed.


Later at the Duke farm


“Why in the world could he be doing this for?” Candy cried.


“Honey I don't know but Luke and I’ll find her, I promise you.” Bo said.


Luke added. “That’s right, now that Karen and I are going to be having a little one. I know how you feel.”


Boss Rosco is at the door. “Can I please come in?”


“Yes you can Rosco,” one of them answered


“I know that Boss Hogg and I always gave you a hard time. But as mean as Boss Hogg could get he would never do something like this,” Rosco said.


Bo smiled and turned to his wife. “Candy honey it's late, I think you'd better get to bed. We've got Bo Jr to think of.”


“All right but please wake me if anything happens,” Candy requested.


“I sure will, sweetie.” Bo promised.


A little later


“Let’s try Boss Hogg's fishing cabin up on Lake Chickamahoney, Bo.”


“You think he might be holding her up there, Luke?”


“It's worth a try, cousin.”




“Eat those pickled pigs feet.”


“No, I won't! Those things'll kill me because they stink!”


“All right then you don't get no pecan cookies.”


“Pecan cookies! Yuck!”


“Luke look, there’s smoke coming out of that cabin.”


“I think we've found Honeybee, Bo.” They go up to the cabin just as Hughie opened the door. He was surprised when the Duke boys grabbed him.


Honeybee exclaimed, “Daddy daddy, beat the twinkies out of him!”


Hughie hollered. “You hurt me. I'll have my friends make sure that you'll never see your precious little brat ever again.”


“The Duke boys got friends too Hughie,” Rosco stepped up to Bo, Luke and Hughie. “You’re under arrest for kidnapping and threatening to kill Honeybee Duke.”


“He tried to make me eat Pecan cookies too! Yuck!” Honeybee said.


“That’s my girl -We've got to get you back home to your momma Honeybee now that Rosco has that skunk,” Bo replied.



Candy was on the porch. She hadn’t been able to sleep. “Daisy, I just don't know what I'll do if anything happened to Honeybee.”


“You know that Bo will get that little darling Duke back. There's nothing that matters to a Duke more then family,” Daisy said.


Candy let out a big yee haw seeing the General Lee pull up into the yard at that moment.


“Mommy, Mommy,” Honeybee ran to Candy after being helped out the window.


“I told you I'd bring our little Honeybee home,” Bo said.


The family hugged. “I knew that you would,” Candy smiled.


Later that night


“Bo, it's time.”


“Time for what, Candy?”


Beauregard James Duke Junior came into the world three hours later on July, 4th, 2000 at 1am.


Like I've always said in Hazzard we believe in happy endings.


Written by Juanita Ford

Copyright 1999

All rights reserved