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-- Commands for Ops are: --
!op <nick> - Give a temporal Op status to the <nick> for one session
!reg <nick> <pass> <status> - Adds a new registered user
!delreg <nick> [reason] - Delete a registered user. [reason] is optional
!status <nick> <status> - Change the user status
?user <nick> - Shows if the user is registered
?regs - Shows all the registered users
?newbies - Shows all the newbies registered
!info <nick> - Get some info from nick
!warn <nick> <reason> - Warn a user with a reason. After 3 warnings, the user might be banned for a pre-defined time
!unwarn <nick> - UnWarn a user
!ban <nick> [reason] [timeban] - Ban nick & IP address of the user, followed by kick. Reason and Bantime are optionals. Message is sended to nick
!banip <IP> - Permanently ban IP address
!nickban <nick> [reas] [timeban] - Silent ban (no message to the user). If the user is connected, you can use the [reason] & [bantime] parameters
?ban <nick> - Check if <nick> is banned
?tban - Display list of all tempban
?pban - Display list of all permban
?bban - Display list of all bad client permban
!unban <IP or nick> - Unban IP address or user name
!flood <nick> <n> <message> - Flood <n> times the user with the <message> . If he is offline, he'll be flooded when it gets connect, and then kicked
!unflood <nick> - Unflood the user from the flood list
?flood - Show all the users from the Flood list
!redir <nick> [add] / [hs] - Redirects nick to the predefined high share [hs] hub, or an [add] of your choosing
!messageop <message> - Write a message - Ops will get it on connect if right settings under the 'settings.dat' file
?messageop - Shows the actual Ops message on connect
!messageuser <message> - Write a message - Users will get it on connect if right settings under the 'settings.dat' file
?messageuser - Shows the actual Users message on connect
!banner <message> - Sends an important banner message to the entire hub
!gag <nick> - The user cannot post to mainchat anymore
!ungag <nick> - The user can post to mainchat again
!lock <chat> - To close the Vip or the User-chat. None can join the Vip/User chat untill it is re-opened
!unlock <chat> - To re-open the Vip or the User-chat
!createpoll <name>##<descri>## - Create a new poll
!delpoll <pollid> - Delete a poll
!addpolloption <option> - Add a poll option
!delpolloption <optionid> - Delete a poll option
!loadpoll <pollid> - Load a poll
!unloadpoll - Unload the current poll
!resetpoll - Reset the votes for the current poll
!opnew <subject>##<article>## - Write an opnews - send it to all ops in pm
?opnew <newsid> - Read an opnews, by the OpNewsId
?opnews - Show all the news written by the ops
!delpost <postid> - Delete a post, by the PostId
!delreq <reqid> - Delete a request, by the ReqId
!notification <mode> - Set your notification mode
!helpa - Shows the team/admins commands
!helpk - Show the kick/ban/ips/redir commands
!helpp - Show the commands for the poll functions
!helpd - Show the commands for the database functions

---OPs can setup chatrooms
!mkchat <name> [userlist]   <===<name> the name of the chat [userlist] <====who you want to invite from the userlist.
---once you set one up you can (in PM to the bot)
!delchat Deleted the chat from userlist, Make sire you do this after you are done chatting.
!invite [userlist] <--somebody from the userlist
!remove [userlist]

-- Commands for Vips are: --
!mmo <message to Ops> - Sends a PM from the Bot to all Ops
!pm <nick> <message> - Sends a PM from the Bot to a specific user
!invite <user> - To invite an user in the user chat
!uninvite <user> - To uninvite an user from the user chat
!joinvip - To join the vip chat
!partvip - To leave the vip chat
!invitevip <user> - To invite an user in the vip chat
!uninvitevip <user> - To uninvite an user from the vip chat
?vipchat - To show all the users presents in the vip chat
!wazzup - Where are they ?
!showpolls - Show all the polls created
!new <subject>##<article>## - Write a news - send it to all users in pm