People to People Student Ambassador Program - Consumer Issues

Press Release from the Iowa Office of the Attorney General dated June 8, 2006
Student Travel Service Agrees To Modify Marketing - June 21, 2006
Student Travel Service Still Misleading Parents - September 12, 2006
People to People Clarifies Its Invitation Policy - September 20, 2006
Consumer Complaints
Rip-Off Report - submitted June 8, 2001
A PEEPHOLE into PEOPLE To PEOPLE, March 10, 2003
Deceased Cat Invited to be Student Ambassador
P2P How Selective Is It?
P2P Does It Again Letter Invites Long-Dead Child to be an
P2P Prohibitive cost Ripoff
Dishonest- not child friendly- anti - parent
People to People Invites Dead Girl ... Again
Student 'Ambassador' Dies Neglected & Alone
People to People Executive Sentenced to Prison

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