Here are some JAG fan fictions that I have written.  Several of the stories are part of a larger overall story titled "Can't Fight This Feeling," so it helps to read those stories in the proper order to get an understanding of the development of the storyline.  Any stories marked with the letters WIP are a work in progress.  The date by a story marked WIP is the last date the story was updated.  

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Disclaimers: All the characters of JAG belong to Donald P. Bellisario, Paramount and CBS, I'm just borrowing them for a bit.  No infringement is intended. Anyway, if I owned them, season five wouldn't have been such a shipper's hell and season six wouldn't be turning into one with a certain <GAG> wedding in the offing.

Please feel free to e-mail me with feedback, whether praise or constructive criticism.  All feedback is read and greatly appreciated.

Award Announcements:

On 27 February, winners of the 2000 Shipper Choice Awards were announced and Can't Fight This Feeling won for best series.  
On 5 March, the J-Spot awards for NC-17 JAG fanfic were announced and CFTF also won there, taking Best Harm/Mac series and Best Overall Series.  In addition, 'Throw Away The Oars Forever' was a finalist for Best Overall Story and I was a finalist for Best Harm/Mac author.
Also, Can't Fight This Feeling and My One True Friend are finalists for several JAG Fanfiction Awards.  Voting is taking place at now through 5 April, so get out there and vote for your favorite stories - there are some wonderful stories nominated and not just Harm/Mac shipper stories.

And a big thank you to everyone who voted for my stories in the various awards competitions.  Although I mostly write because I enjoy it so much (I must really enjoy it or be in need of some serious help when you think about how long CFTF is - maybe both ;), it is heartening that so many of you apparently enjoy my stories so much.

Can't Fight This Feeling (5 Chapters):

Winner - Best Series (2000 Shipper Choice Awards)
Winner - Best Harm/Mac Series (2001 J-Spot Awards)
Winner - Best Overall Series (2001 J-Spot Awards)
Finalist - Best Shipper Fic Over 21K - JAG Fanfiction Awards
Finalist - Best Series - JAG Fanfiction Awards

Chapter I - What Started Out As Friendship
Rating: PG
Summary: After the events of the season five finale, Harm and Mac find themselves forced to confront their feelings or risk losing each other forever.  

Chapter II - Can't Hold Out Forever
Rating: R (click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: Mac is conflicted about Mic's return while finding it harder to fight her feelings for Harm, who is finally ready to let go but fears losing her forever to Brumby and Renee has come to some conclusions about her and Harm's relationship.  Meanwhile, Harriet moves forward with her scheme to bring Harm and Mac together.  

Chapter III - Candle In The Window
Rating: R (click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: Now that Harm and Mac have taken the first steps towards each other, they consider whether or not to tell their friends about their new relationship, while everyone around them ponders how to get them together.  Also, Chloe Madison comes for a visit and Harm and Mac spend the 4th of July at his grandmother's in Pennsylvania and find a surprise or two there.

Chapter IV - Cold, Dark Winter's Night
Rating: R (click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: Finally secure in their love and looking forward to their future together, Harm and Mac face a threat from the past that may destroy their lives forever.

Chapter V - Throw Away The Oars Forever (Finalist - Best Overall Story 2001 J-Spot Awards)
Rating: R (click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: After surviving recent events, Harm and Mac are ready to settle down and start their lives together while looking forward to the birth of their babies.

Season Five Thoughts:

Part I - Foolish Lover's Game  
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Harm returns from the USS Patrick Henry, he and Mac find it difficult to reconnect with each other, straining their relationship to the breaking point.  Eventually, events compel Mac to open up about her feelings, but Harm's response isn't the one she was looking for and it pushes her into Mic Brumby's arms.  This story retells the events of the episodes 'The Return' through 'Boomerang II' from both Harm and Mac's POVs.

Part II - Love In Flames
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After Mac agrees to consider Mic's proposal, Harm becomes even more involved with Renee, but they both find it hard to forget their feelings for each other.  This story retells the events of the episodes 'People v. Gunny' through 'Surface Warfare' from both Harm and Mac's POVs.

Part III - Take My Breath Away
Rating: PG-13 (click here for NC-17 version)
Summary: Tying together the events during season five, as Christmas draws near, Mac makes a discovery that leads to revelations for her and Harm about what went wrong for them after Harm returned from the Patrick Henry.  Takes place in the same timeframe as Can't Fight This Feeling Chapter Five and is told from both Harm and Mac's POVs.

NC-17 stories:

Birthday Surprise
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Several months after Mac has given birth to the twins, Harm plans a special surprise for her birthday, but she turns the tables on him in an unexpected way.  This story takes place approximately five months after the end of Can't Fight This Feeling Chapter Five.

Hot Summer Night
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harm is out of town and Mac is looking for a way to beat the summer heat, but Harm has a surprise for her.  Takes place during Can't Fight This Feeling Chapter Five, about a month before the wedding.

Dreams And Revelations
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written for the October challenge on the DogTagsJAGMature mailing list, Harm and Mac finally get together, but are interrupted at an inopportune moment by a couple of unwanted visitors.  Stand-alone story.

Stormy Weather 
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written for the November challenge on the DogTagsJAGMature mailing list, Harm has a particularly steamy fantasy about Mac.  Stand-alone story told from Harm's POV.

Mahina Meli Palekaiko WIP (28 JAN 01)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harm surprises Mac with a fantasy honeymoon in the paradise of Hawaii.  Takes place during Can't Fight This Feeling Chapter Five, immediately following the wedding.

Calendar Girl WIP ( 17 MAR 01)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: In a series of 12 vignettes, Harm and Mac celebrate each month of the year in their own unique way.  

Joy In Simple Things  
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Four months after My One True Friend, Harm and Mac decide to take the next step in their relationship.

The Colonel And The Gunnery Sergeant
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Harm goes undercover as an enlisted Marine, Mac finds an inventive way to spend time with him.

Flying Lessons
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mac offers to fulfill a fantasy for Harm.

Miscellaneous Stories:

Stormy Weather II  
Rating: R (click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: On a stormy night, Harm finally lets go and he and Mac fall into each other's arms.  But actions have consequences and the storm clouds begin gathering in their lives as a result.  Stand-alone story alternating between Harm and Mac's POVs.

Searching For Sunny Skies WIP (14 MAR 01)
Rating: R (click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: After the events of 'Stormy Weather II', Harm and Mac search for ways to cope with what has happened, but they learn that trying to cope may prove to be more difficult than actually living through the original trauma. 

Buy Me A Rose
Rating: R (click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: After several years of marriage and two kids, there is a lot of strain between Harm and Mac.  Can they bridge the gap between them before their marriage falls completely apart?  This story takes place five years after Can't Fight This Feeling.

Reflections (a JAG/X-Files crossover)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mac meets Dana Scully at Lamaze class and as the two women become friends, they open up to each other and discover they have more in common than just their pregnancies.  This story takes place concurrently with Can't Fight This Feeling Chapter Five.

Rating: PG-13 (Click here for the NC-17 version)
Summary: AJ Roberts celebrates his fifth birthday and neither Harm or Mac are involved in a relationship.  Do they still want to stick by their agreement to have a baby together?

My One True Friend  (Nominee - Best JAG Story - JAG Fanfiction Awards)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Based on speculation for 'Family Secrets', Harm takes off for Chechnya in search of his missing brother, possibly throwing away his career while Mac risks everything to help him and to try and get their relationship back on track after her decision regarding Mic.

A Time To Mourn  
Rating: PG
Summary: A tragedy strikes the extended Rabb family and everyone pulls together to get through it.  This story takes place five years after Can't Fight This Feeling at Christmas 2005.  Each section is from a different person's POV.

Non-Shipper Stories:

Quid Pro Quo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written for DogTagTales February Challenge, Lauren Singer fantasizes about what she would like life at JAG to be like for her.  A Singer/Harm story.

Quid Pro Quo II
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written for DogTagTales February Challenge, Lauren Singer has another fantasy about a man at JAG.  A Singer/Gunny story.