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Starring Johnny Carson

Airdate: 18th May, 1978, NBC, 11:30pm ET

Announcer: Ed McMahon

Orchestra Conductor: Doc Severinsen

Guests: Bert Convy, Joanna Cameron, Fernando Lamas, Eubie Blake



In the opening monologue, Johnny jokes about California's Proposition 13, the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Ed Davis, President Kuanda of Zambia and Billy Carter. When announcing the guests on the show, Ed mentions to Johnny that he watches her show Isis faithfully on Saturday mornings and is excited that she is going to be on the show.

After the commercial, Johnny does some comedy material at the desk with what he claims are television pilots that didn't make it.

The first guest up was Bert Convy, who talks to Johnny about why he entered show business (to meet girls), the fact he was looking forward to going to Bob Hope's 75th birthday celebration in Washington DC, then tells Johnny about a Charlie's Angels-type show he is pitching to the networks. Bert then sings the song "Sweet Music Man."

After the commercial, Joanna Cameron comes out on stage. She and Johnny discuss the Guiness World Record she set for being in the most TV commercials (100) and the fact that she got her showbusiness start in a Bob Hope movie that she made while in college.

She also mentioned how she's gotten the reputation of being an athletic female and that she is one of the few female members of the Director's Guild. The subject of Isis also comes up and Joanna expresses her appreciation that the men are watching, especially since, as she says, the show finished production long ago and is basically just playing in reruns.

Later, Fernando Lamas comes out in a suit that is reminiscent of what you would expect an ice cream vendor to be wearing! He and Johnny discuss swearing, being an orphan, Ester Williams and Lamas' favourite movie. To end the show, jazz legend Eubie Blake comes out. He and Johnny briefly discuss this childhood and the fact that Eubie is now 95 (when lighting a smoke, Eubie mentions he's glad that Tony Randall isn't hosting tonight as he won't let the guests smoke, to which Johnny replies, "you know, those things will kill you!"). Eubie then goes over to the piano to perform "Chevy Chase."

After a final, brief, recap with the guests, where Johnny mentions that Joanna has a poster coming out, we reach the end of the show.