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Episode 2.03

by Sid Morse

Directed by
Hollingsworth Morse


Laurette Spang (Ann)
Danil Torppe (Tom)
Colleen Camp (Wynn)

Ann is a cheerleader at the school and finds out that Rennie is in a classroom preparing the answers for the next chemistry exam. Ann decides to copy the answers by luring Tut out of the classroom window with food. Once Tut flies outside to get the food, Ann scares him off. Ann then runs back to the classroom and tells Rennie that she saw Tut fly out of the window. In the panic, Ann promises Rennie she will lock up the lab and help look for Tut. Ann unlocks the door before she closes it and when Rennie runs off to try and find Tut, Ann sneaks back into the empty classroom and gets the answers to the test.

Rennie notifies Andrea that Tut is missing. An exhausted Tut is now somewhere near the woods, too tired to fly with a wild dog on his trail. Andrea becomes worried about the bird so she becomes Isis to search for him, arriving just in time to save Tut from the dog.

Ann has all of the answers and cheats on the chemistry test. Jealous of Wynn, another cheerleader in her class, Ann tries to frame her classmate by turning over the list of answers to Andrea, claiming she saw them fall from Wynn's notebook. Andrea is cautious and does not pull Wynn from the cheerleader squad without more proof.

Ann then tries to turn Tom, the cheerleading coach, against Wynn, but he doesn't believe Wynn is a cheater. Ann gets very upset and takes off in her car at a high rate of speed. Tom and Wynn go in pursuit, fearing she might hurt herself. When Ann sees that they are following, she stops her car at the edge of a hill and starts to run away on foot. The car starts rolling down the hill behind Ann and almost strikes her, but Isis arrives to command the wind to lift the cheerleader out of danger.

Ann is later disiplined for cheating on the exam and is suspended from the cheerleading squad for the rest of the year, but if she behaves and keeps her grades up, she can try out for the squad again next year.

Synopsis by Gene Jenkins (