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Episode 2.01

by Peter L. Dixon
and Sarah Dixon
Directed by
Earl Bellamy


Gregory Elliot (Noah Schuster)
Kathleen O'Malley (Mrs. Schuster)
James Griffith (Dr. Blandford)

Noah Schuster is a student of Andrea's who has had a horseback riding accident and is now left sightless. Faced with the possibility that his blindness may be permanent, Noah is discouraged, thinking he'll never ride again, but Andrea assures him that with some hard work, anything is possible.

The following day Andrea and Rick arrive at the ranch to observe Noah riding his horse, but a thunderous noise shoots across the sky sending the horse racing and Noah hanging on unable to stop. Rick races after them on horseback and Andrea becomes Isis, rising above the sky to calm the horse to a standstill.

With Noah now scared to get back on any horse, Andrea decides that the boy needs a special kind of horse: Sunny, a horse specially-trained to assist the blind!

Miss Thomas helps Noah get acquainted with Sonny, but when she encourages Noah to ride him, the boy runs away to the barn, throwing himself onto a haystack. Picking himself up, Noah fumbles and unwittingly knocks over a water cooler. Unfortunately, the sun's rays pass through the broken glass, starting a slow-brewing fire.

Noah stumbles back toward the corral and discovers he left the gate open, enabling Sunny to wander out. Deducing the horse has gone to the pond Noah goes to look for the animal and falls into the water calling out for Sunny's help. The horse brings him to safety, but Noah smells the smoke from the fire. With newfound courage, he rides Sonny back to the ranch so he can go to sound the alarm and notify everyone about the fire.

Andrea's bird Tut finds his mistress and alerts her to the danger. Becoming Isis, she and heads for the ranch, setting the horses free and sending down rain to put out the fire. A crisis is averted and Noah has learned a valuable lesson: meet your fears head-on, or they will beat you.

Synopsis by Dex Goor