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Episode 1.15

by Arthur H. Nadel

Directed by
Hollingsworth Morse


Mark Lambert (Fred Weiting)
Christopher Norris (Dorothy Bieder)
Michael Greene (Jim Danch)

Fred Weiting is a serious student that has made it to the finals at the School's Science Fair. His entry is the amateur radio exhibit. Fred gives Dr Barnes a demonstration only to have his experiment fizzle. Even though Fred's experiment did not create sparks for the judges, he wins third place, with first prize going to fellow student Dorothy Bieder.

Cindy congratulates Fred, but to him third place means he is a loser and storms off heading to his car. He drives away recklessly, barely missing Rick's vehicle. Not paying attention, Fred runs off the road, his car teetering off of the edge of a cliff. Knowing he's in danger, Fred sends out an S.O.S signal in Morse code on his radio equipment.

Andrea, who has been trying to follow Fred, hears this signal over the radio and changes into Isis. Flying toward Fred, Isis uses her powers to push the falling car back to safety. He thanks Isis for her help, but still sees himself as a loser. Climbing back up the road, Fred meets up with Rick, Cindy and Dorothy with Andrea showing up minutes later.

After Fred determines his car has sustained some damage from the slide off the road, Andrea suggests that Rick and Cindy stay behind to see that the car gets taken care of while She, Dorothy and Fred head back to town.

As Andrea and the two drive, they talk about the area, including an old ghost town nearby. Figuring they have plenty of time, they decide to check it out. At the same time, a newsflash on the radio mentions another in a string of warehouse robberies in the local area.

When the group arrives at the ghost town, strange things start to happen, including a wagon that appears to have moved by itself. Unfortunately, the group can't go anywhere as they've run out of gasoline!

They decide to split up and explore the area so Andrea enters an empty building and takes out her magic amulet. Before she can turn into Isis, however, she notices Fred and Dorothy peering in the window and decides against it. Instead, she decides to walk up the stairs to see what is on the next level, but halfway up, the stairs collapse and falls to the ground. She is shaken but not hurt and they decide to leave the ghost town on foot. Once outside they discover the truck used in the warehouse robberies and realize the ghost town is their hideout.

Before they can get away, however, they are taken prisoner by the robbers. While the thieves pack up their things to vacate the ghost town, Andrea's group waits nearby. A look of concern appears on Andrea face when she realizes her amulet is missing and must have lost it in her fall. Trying to find another way out of their predicament, she asks Fred if he could try to get his amateur radio to work this time so they can call for help.

As the thieves load up their truck, Fred tries his best to send a distress signal. Fred's call for help is heard by the highway patrol as well as by Rick and Cindy.

The crooks take Andrea's car keys and tell their hostages that they can leave, "on foot." With the crooks distracted, Andrea goes back to the building to retrieve her amulet while the villains discover the car's fuel tank is empty.

Andrea manages to find her amulet in time to change into Isis, construct a makeshift jail out of debris, and round up the bad guys before the police arrive.

With things back to normal, Dorothy offers Fred her first prize trophy, but he declines. He finally realizes that not coming in first place is okay, especially when you feel good about yourself.