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Episode 1.13

by Sid Morse

Directed by
Arnold Laven


Eileen Chesis (Nancy)
Brian Byers (Steve)

Steve and his girlfriend Nancy love mountain climbing, bird watching and scuba diving. Steve likes to go ahead without thinking and thinks safety precautions a bothersome hassle. He and Nancy go to Rocky Point to see an eagle's nest. Steve wants to get closer to the nest and get a picture, so he takes out a frayed rope to climb down with, despite Nancy's concerns. He lowers the rope and climbs down to the next, but as he climbs back up, the rope starts to unravel and he falls to the bottom of the hill.

Steve asks Nancy to get help because he cannot hold on much longer and she comes face to face with Isis, who was watching from a distance. The goddess uses her powers to retrieve and repair the rope, which she throws down to Steve so he can climb back to safety. Isis reminds Steve that he should know better than to take such chances and the teen promises to think better next time.

Apparently, Steve hasn't really taken Isis' words to heart because he quickly tires about Mr. Mason's safety lectures in the diving club. He feels like Rick is a broken record who worries too much. Rick, on the other hand, feels Steve is too impetuous and is headed for real danger. Cindy repeats these concerns to Nancy, but when she tells Steve, he's still convinced that safety is a waste of time.

At the next scuba diving club meeting, Mr. Mason tells the group that they have to have a diving partner before they can participate, as a safety measure. Nancy is late, so when everyone else prepares to go, Rick tells Steve he cannot go until Nancy, who is his partner, arrives. In a display of anger, Steve throws down his air tank and, unbeknownst to him, if develops a puncture, causing the air to leak out gradually.

Tired of being left behind and feeling the whole idea of partners unnecessary, Steve decides to dive alone.

Shortly after, the rest of the diving party return to find Nancy alone. Rick immediately deduces that Steve has ignored his instruction and went out into the lake alone, so Rick and the other divers go back out to search while Nancy attempts to locate the Lake Patrol.

Back in the water, Steve gets stuck in a coral reef and cannot budge. His air supply continues to deplete.

Along the road, Nancy passes by Andrea's car and tells her what has happened. When Nancy leaves, Andrea becomes Isis and takes flight to the lake.

At the lake, the divers return without having found Steve as they are almost out of air, so Isis goes under to search for Steve herself. She discovers Steve just as his air has run out, so she gives him the spare tank she was carrying and frees him from his watery shackles and brings him to shore.

Steve has finally seen the error of his ways, but Mr. Mason, upset that Steve put himself in harms way, is determined to kick the lad out of the club. After speaking with Cindy and Andrea about the situation, Rick finally relents and allows the boy back in the club, but on a trial basis. Although his lesson was hard-learned, Steven now admits that all the rules he kept nagging about were for good reasons.

Synopsis by Dex Goor