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Episode 1.11

by Sid Morse

Directed by
Hollingsworth Morse


John Davey (Capt. Marvel)
Sandra Vacey (Carrie Anson)
Jonus Agee (Gregg)

Carrie Anson is a very insecure young woman: because she weighs more than other girls, she feels she has to be eccentric and pull crazy stunts to be liked.

Andrea, in her classroom working on an experiment, hears Carrie outside on a bullhorn, proclaiming herself as the "pied piper" as she drives by the school. As Andrea goes outside to watch, Carrie's brakes fail and the car goes out of control. Andrea quickly changes into Isis and stops the car in time. After the rescue, Carrie cannot resist to take more cheap shots at herself. Isis tells her firmly that "you can't expect others to like you unless you like yourself first," but the message just isn't getting through.

Later that day, Andrea, Rick and Cindy eat lunch outside on the grass, discussing how unhappy Carrie is. Cindy suggests that maybe Carrie should run in the school election for student body president. Rick, who has Gregg in one of his classes, sets out to get the boy to be her campaign manager.

Later on, Gregg tells Mr. Mason he would love to be her campaign manger. As they discuss the idea, Gregg tells Rick how it aggravates him that Carrie only sees herself as a big, fat loser. Carrie, who is walking nearby, only hears the latter part of the conversation, causing her to think that Gregg sees her as a loser, too.

The next day, Carrie and Gregg work on her campaign, but she is not taking it seriously. Meanwhile, Andrea and Cindy, who are helping Rick and polish his boat, also discuss the campaign. Cindy admits it is not going very well and Andrea adds that she hopes Gregg can help break down the barrier she has built up.

Later, Gregg sees Carrie in-between classes and tells her they could have this campaign locked up if she would take things more seriously. Carrie, still thinking Gregg cannot possibly like her for who she is, tells him she believes he is only helping her for laughs. Gregg walks away, frustrated.

Thinking it will take a big stunt to win the election, Carrie asks Andrea if she thinks Mr. Mason would let her borrow his boat. Andrea agrees to ask him, but expresses her doubts. When Andrea finds Rick at the tennis court, he informs her about an upcoming storm and he wants to make sure his boat is secure. Andrea recounts her conversation with Carrie, and Rick mentions he saw the girl at the marina as he was leaving. Rick now has another important reason besides the storm to check on his boat.

After Rick leaves, Andrea makes her change into Isis and searches for Carrie, who is now out at sea in Rick's boat. Carrie sends a false distress signal. She gets a continuous response from her mayday, but ignores it, ripping out the microphone.

As the storm approaches, Carrie decides it is now time to go back to the marina. She attempts to re-start the motor, but it doesn't turn over. Then, acrid smoke begins to fill the cabin and and to make matters worse, there is a leak in the boat!

Isis finally spots Rick's boat in the water and heads toward it. Knowing she cannot hold off the storm and rescue the boat at the same time, Isis sends Tut to find Captain Marvel.

As Captain Marvel flies toward the helpless boat, he sees what Isis is trying to do, so as she holds back the storm, he grabs some rope attached to the front of the boat, then dives into the water and tows it back to the dock himself.

With the boat back in the harbor, Carrie now realizes how much people really do care about her. She no longer feels worthless and makes a promise never to do another crazy stunt.

Synopsis by Dex Goor