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Episode 1.09

by David Wise and
Kathleen Barnes
Directed by
Arnold Laven


Harry Gold (Steve Elwood)
Meegan King (Roger Buck)
Harlan Warde (Zookeeper)

Steve, one of Andrea Thomas' students is a showoff, taking dangerous chances without thinking about the consequences. First, he climbs up a tall ladder to hang a sign by himself instead of waiting for help, and ends up dangling off the edge of the building, hanging on for dear life. Andrea sees his predicament and turns into Isis, soaring to the rescue. Instead of gratitude, Steve is upset and feels shamed for not being able to get down himself. Isis tells him there's no shame in asking for help and that everyone needs help sometime. Her advice has fallen on deaf ears, however.

Andrea and Rick take the students on the school's Science Club Expedition. Steve again feels inadequate for not being able to help Cindy when she needs assistance and storms off into the woods feeling inadequate again.

Andrea goes after Steve and as she observes him discovers he has a knack for ornithology and tries to get him to focus his direction on that, instead of doing things without really thinking. With Andrea's thoughtful words of advice, Steve begins to feel better about himself.

Later, two sightseeing groups go their separate ways, Andrea in one, Rick in the other. On the way back to camp, Andrea finds out that an escaped gorilla may be headed over to Craggy Glenn where Rick's group is.

Rick and Cindy's group runs into a cave to seek shelter from a landslide but become trapped inside. They soon discover that they are not alone: the gorilla is inside with them, and he sounds angry!

Changing into Isis, Andrea takes flight and comes to Rick's aid, clearing the debris and calming down the gorilla. With things back to normal, Isis looks on toward Steve, who has finally learned to just be himself and do what he loved to do instead of looking for attention by committing foolish acts.

Synopsis by Dex Goor