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Episode 1.06

by Ann Udell

Directed by
Hollingsworth Morse


John Doran (Randy Martin)
Brian Nash (Glenn)
Robert Forward (Dr. Herb Rogers)

The love between a boy and his dog is a special one and is evident with Randy and Lucky. Randy and Lucky are inseparable and go to visit the school, as Randy will be going there in the fall. When Randy meets Andrea, she learns that Randy helps out with the local veterinarian, Dr. Rogers, and that Lucky is the baseball team's unofficial mascot.

The next day, Andrea and Cindy head to the beach to enjoy the afternoon. Randy and some of the baseball team's players are also there. One of the boys pitches a ball for Lucky to fetch, but no one realizes that the ball has been swept into the ocean by the tide. Lucky still runs after it, and goes farther into the water than he should have. His pet now helpless, Randy races after Lucky and is now in danger of drowning himself. Andrea, who has gone to her car to retrieve some beach equipment, sees what is happening and becomes Isis. She races into the water to save Randy and goes back for Lucky, who has swallowed too much water and needs medical attention.

Back at the lab, Rick and Andrea receive a call from Dr. Rogers and now Andrea must tell Randy the unfortunate news that Lucky died. Heartbroken, Randy runs away. When he does not turn up later, Cindy tells Andrea that Randy and Lucky used to play near the dam. Changing into Isis, Andrea soars across the skies to try to find Randy before he gets hurt.

Unfortunately, Randy, trying to retrieve Lucky's leash after he dropped it, has gotten his legs trapped between some rocks near the dam, which is about to open its locks and pour water out into the area! Arriving just in time, Isis frees Randy and the two of them discuss his feelings.

Randy does not understand why Isis could not have saved Lucky, but she explains that no one has the power over life and death and that in the cycle of life, every living thing has a time to live and a time to die. Randy finally comes to grips with the fact that Lucky isn't coming back, but as Isis tells him, every ending is also a beginning. Later on, back at the school, the baseball team surprises him with a puppy. Now, Randy has a new friend to teach all his tricks to.

Synopsis by Dex Goor