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Episode 1.02

by James Schmerer

Directed by
Arnold Laven


Lou Frizzell (Chuck Nelson)
Debralee Scott (Jenny)
Ed Cross (Sergeant Connors)
Paul Jenkins (Tom Jenkins)

Chuck Nelson has recently been released from prison for robbery and says he is determined that he will never do anything that might land him back in prison. The way he expressed his love for his family at the last PTA Meeting convinced Miss Thomas that he is a changed man. However, when a string of jewelry robberies shortly takes place, his daughter Jenny, despite her love for her father, starts questioning his actions. She becomes even more suspicious when he lies about his whereabouts to the man who helped send him to prison, Tom Jenkins.

At school, Cindy tries to get Jenny to share her problems and talk to Miss Thomas. Andrea tells Jenny to listen to her heart and to give her father the benefit of the doubt. When she gets home, her father decides that the two of them need to get out of town for a couple of days, even though Jenny has school the next day, making Jenny even more suspicious of his motives.

When Jenny doesn't show up for class the next morning, Andrea, Cindy and Rick become worried. Andrea becomes Isis and goes searching for the teen. Meanwhile, Jenny is walking alone in the forest, thinking things over, when suddenly, she falls and gets her foot caught under an old tree log. Isis sees her from the sky and helps her. The goddess also tells Jenny to give her father the benefit of the doubts she is having.

That Saturday, Andrea, Cindy and Rick are invited to a barbecue at Mr. Nelson's. Tom Jenkins pays a visit. Tom says he believes Chuck can help catch the ones who were doing the robberies, since Chuck was formerly a jewelry thief. Jenkins tells Chuck his experience could give the police an idea where the next robbery will take place.

Eager to clear his name and boost his daughter's confidence, Chuck agrees to help out and names a place where he thinks the robber would strike next. We learn, however, that Chuck has lied to the police: he wants to catch the thief himself to not only clear his name, but restore his daughter's faith in him. So, while the police are checking out his bogus tip, Mr. Nelson heads for what he believes to be the real target: the Peterson Company.

Chuck arrives just as the safe is being burgled and discovers that the real thief was Tom Jenkins all along, who was planning the whole time to pin the robberies on Nelson, who would look suspicious after the wild goose chase.

Outside the building, Tom handcuffs Chuck and explains how he's going to turn him in and that the police would take his word over that of a convicted felon like Chuck. However, Isis appears on the scene and reveals that she has heard every word of Tom's confession.

Jenkins then tries to flee the scene with Chuck and the suitcase of diamonds by driving off in the car. Isis, however, uses her powers to seize control of the vehicle and commands the car to rise into the air! The car is lifted and brought down in front of the police, who arrest Jenkins on the spot.

To celebrate, Chuck invites Miss Thomas and her colleagues back over for burgers and announces he has been hired for a new job. Jenny also reveals that she was wrong to doubt her father and has learned a valuable lesson.

Synopsis by Mark Page