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Character Profiles


The main character and Irken invader. Banished to Foodcourtia for completely messing up Operation Impending Doom 1, he came to Conventia when he heard about Operation Impending Doom 2. Tired of Zim, the Almighty Tallest sent him to a mysterious planet on a "secret mission" just to get rid of him. That mysterious planet ended up being Earth. Accompanied only by an insane robot named Gir, Zim attempts to take over the planet. Richard Horvitz does the voice for Zim.



Since the Almighty Tallest didn't want to waste a real SIR robot on Zim, they made a "top secret model" made out of spare SIR parts. With only a penny and a paperclip for a brain, Gir is a complete moron. His disguise is a green dog with a zipper on the front. Gir's hobbies include eating, singing, and running around like an idiot. Rosarik Rikki Simons does the voice for GIR.



Overhearing a transmission from Conventia, Dib was the only person to see through Zim's disguise. Dib is obsessed with aliens, and swears that he was abducted as a baby. He always tries to foil Zim's schemes but he always fails. He also has a big head and a crazy hair-do. Andy Berman does the voice for Dib.



Gaz is Dib's younger sister. She wants nothing to do with Dib and his obsessing over aliens. Her hobbies include playing Game Slave and eating pizza. Everything else bothers her. Melissa Fahn does the voice for Gaz.



Professor Membrane is the father of Dib and Gaz. He hardly has any time to see his kids, as he is the host of the hit TV show Probing the Membrane of Science. He is also a scientist.


Ms. Bitters

Ms. Bitters is the teacher at the Skool. She likes to talk about implosions and doom. She seems to be half person, half snake. Her lectures, for the most part, make no sense. Lucille Bliss does the voice for Ms. Bitters.


The Almighty Tallest

In the Irken race, your status depends on your height. The Almighty Tallest are the tallest (duh) Irkens and therefore the leaders.  Since they are both the same height, they both got to rule. Their names are just Purple and Red. The Almighty Tallest are basically just jerks. They sent Zim to a faraway planet just to get rid of him. Kevin Mcdonald and Wally Wingert do the voices for the Almighty Tallest.