Party Quirks!

A great long list of party quirks

This is a list of different quirks that were used in Party Quirks

Tortoise and the hare racing

An arguing couple

Just found Drew Carey's secret diary

Entire Super Bowl half time show


Cat going through all nine lives

Thinks someone's a vending machine

Is on the show "Cops"

Can talk only in words with two silables

is magnetic

Fish being reeled in

Baby learning to walk

Fireworks display

Lives his life in a minute

Thinks he's a moth

White water rafting

A sperm

Olympic fast Walker

Olympic Tobogganist

On a rollercoaster

Is going down a plug-hole

Dog in a car

Dog going in and out of the water

Someone's holiday snaps

Fly trapped between two windows

Extra in Bar Room Brawl

Frog who turns into a prince, and back again

Circus parade going past

Victim of a Voodoo attack

Dog going in and out of water

Having an orgasm

He's made of springs

Thinks he is a dog on heat

Rodeo Rider

Ice Hockey Player

Motorbike Stunt Rider

President's Bodyguard

Various things in a tornado

Food going through the body

Frog spawn turning into a frog

Animals crossing the road