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Here you can find some great sound clips from episodes of Three's Company! ENJOY, and download as many as you like! :)

3companyThemeOne version of the Three's Company theme song.

ThreesTheme Another version of the theme song.

dance Jack comforts Janet, and asks her if he can have this dance.

DidYouHearSomething Janet and Chrissy: -Chrissy...Chrissy? -What? -Did you hear something? -yes -What was it? -I heard you say Chrissy.

funky Janet and Jack talk to Chrissy about why shes crying.

getiton Jack and Larry's sceme comes to an end.

getitonchrissy Jack: ok Chrissy, Ill get in the tub with ya and then we can get it on..

jack An example of Jack's famous groan.

LetMeSeeIt Jack: Im not gunna go to bed unless you let me see it!!!

never Jack says "you just ruined that girl"...then Firly replies "I didnt touch her!" (bellive me, he didnt)

OtherWoman Jack asks if there is another woman...

panic Jack: Ok Chrissy, Dont panic!!!

shelves Mr Roper explains to Jack how hes lucky because he dosnt have to put up a shelf every night. (hehe)

Stoned Jack and Chrissy: -Well..we'll burn them! -Great, then the smoke drifts everywhere, and half of the neighborhood gets stoned!

takeyou Jack apologizes to Terri when he realizes his pranks have gotten out of hand..(very sweet.)

TheresAWord Mr Roper makes Jack, Jannet, and Chrissy go through Mrs Ropers garden.

WhatMakesThemScream What the dentist says to Jack makes him even more nervous.

WhoKnows Chrissy rambles on about a misunderstanding..a little confusing.

wine Jack gets upset at Janet for buying an expensive wine.

withoutEggs Jack explains the importance of eggs in a cake.

women Does Jack Understand Women?