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I am keeping all of the poll results from this page, so now you can see what people voted on in the past! I usually have a new poll up every few weeks.

Poll #1

Which Blonde Is Your Favorite?

Chrissy: 27%

Cindy: 18%

Terri: 54%

Personally, my favorite was Chrissy, but I guess Terri wins! Go Terri!

Poll #2

Who is your favorite character?

Jack: 37%

Janet: 10%

Chrissy: 27%

Terri: 7%

Cindy: 2%

Larry: 5%

The Ropers: 0%

Mr. Furley: 5%

Lana: 2%

Felipe: 2%

Im so happy! Jack is my favorite too!

Poll #3

Who would you have loved to see Jack fall in love with?

Janet: 46%

Chrissy: 31%

Terri: 6%

Cindy: 15%

Lana: 0%

Kind of makes you feel sorry for Lana, but hey- thats what she deserves for tormenting Jack for so long.

Poll #4

How Often Do You Watch Three's Company?

Every time it's on: 85%

Whenever I get the chance: 10%

Sometimes: 5%

If there's nothing else on: 0%

Never!: 0%

Im surprised "Every time it's on" wasnt at 100%!

Poll #5

If you had a choice...who would u room with?

Jack: 25%

Janet: 27%

Terri: 18%

Chrissy: 25%

Cindy: 5%

Im disapointed...I wanted Jack to win! O-well..Janet is great too!