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This site has officially been up since July of 2001!

This site was last updated 01-14-2002

Hi! Welcome to my Three's Company Page! I just recently started watching the show (re-runs on Nick-@-Nite), and I have fallen inlove with the show. This page is new, so it will be under construction, but please come back frequently and check it out!!!



I have recently added 15 more wonderful pictures to the gallery! ENJOY!

I have just added a links page! Now you can visit all kinds of Three's Company sites! :)

Now there is an autographs page!

Now you can look back at the results of the polls of the past!

I have fixed all of the downloads that were not working. :)

I added a fanfiction page!

I have just added some more pics! Take a look! :)

There are actually some fanfictions on the FanFic Page now!

I have more addresses on the Autographs page!

I have added EVEN MORE Three's Company pics! (dated 12-31-2001)

*****For our 1000 visitor celebration I have added 15 more pictures to our gallery!!!*****

tc_beginDownload the clip from the beginning of the show! (im not sure what season)

tc_endDownload the clip from the end of the show (from season 3 i think).

Gaze at 3s Company pics!

Listen to some Three's Company sound clips!.

Cover your computer with wallpapers!

Have fun visiting other 3s Company sites!

Find out where to send your fanmail for the Three's Company cast!

Look at the results of the polls we've had in the past!

Read some Three's Company Fanfiction!

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