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  Welcome to the Hope Island Gathering Website!

  This website was designed for the purpose of keeping Hope Island fans up to date with the ongoing plans and developments concerning the Hope Gathering that is being planned. So please check back often.

  We invite all that would like to attend, to gather with us for a weekend of fun on July 14th-15th, 2001 at Britannia Beach, BC Canada, the filming location of, "that quaint little fishing village down by the sea, where one and all aspire to be"...Hope Island!

  For more information, please check throughout our site. Many more details will be added as the event approaches. If anyone has a question, suggestion or comment regarding the Gathering please email us at Also a guestbook is set up below on this page. Look forward to getting your opinions on the questions asked and also reading your comments!

  We hope to see you there! :-)

  Please also visit the Hope Island Campaign Website and help us Bring HOPE Back to Our Homes!

A special thank you to Brenda Swani for letting us display her beautiful picture of the Hope Island Set on our website. If you would like to view this drawing in a much larger image click here .

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  Disclaimer: This site is a Hope Island loving, fan based website that has no intention on inteferring with anyone's rights. Just want to plan and enjoy our Hope Gathering!