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  For alot of us attending the gathering, we will have some coverting to do, as far as currency and also as far as temperature and distance and quantity is concerned.

  For those of you that are not sure of the conversions, the following will help.

   1 USD (United States Dollar) = about 1.54 CAD (Canadian Dollar)
   1 CAD = about .65 USD
  For more help, visit this currency conversion page .

   For converting Fahrenheit into Celsius use the formula...
   For converting Celsius into Fahrenheit use this formula...
   For more help with temperature conversion, visit here .

   1 mile = 1.61 kilometers
   1 kilometer = .62 miles
   For length conversion click here .

   For speed conversion click here .

   1 gallon (such as gas) = 3.78 liters ( or rounded up, 3.8)
   1 liter = .264 or .26 gallons
   For volume conversion page, visit here .

   All of these conversion links came from . A very handy website for any other conversions you may have.