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  Welcome to the Hope Island Gathering Website!

   On July 13-15th, 2001 Hope Island fans, cast, and crew had a Hope Island Fan Gathering. On July 14th, twenty-two fans from the USA, England, and Germany, as well as, numerous Hope Island cast and crew, gathered together at Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada (the set where Hope Island was filmed).

  The adventure was thrilling to get to meet everyone! The Gathering was truely an amazingly, wonderful, fun filled experience... full of smiles, laughter, hugs, and excitment!


"That quaint little fishing village down by the sea, where one and all aspire to be"...Hope Island!

  Disclaimer: This site is a Hope Island loving, fan based website that has no intention of inteferring with anyone's rights. Just want to share and enjoy our Hope Gathering memories! :-)