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Welcome to the Modern Homestead Website.

This site is the central location for all the Modern Homestead projects, and from here you can follow the progress and take part in the TV Series, Newsletter and Videos.
You'll also be able to find homesteading books and other products.

The Modern Homestead TV Series is dedicated to the self-reliant lifestyle and those who pursue it. The Series is in production now and we began shooting our pilot episodes in January, 2002.

Each episode of the series will focus on a different area of homesteading, covering subjects such as;
Alternative Construction
Alternative Energy
Organic Gardening
and much more!

The Modern Homestead Newsletter will premiere in March 2002 and be published bimonthly thereafter. Inside the newsletter you'll find helpful how-to articles covering the same subjects seen on the show as well as more information on the show and its sponsors.

For a free copy send your mailing address to:
The Modern Homestead Newletter
PO Box 667
Belen, NM 87002

or you can email us at

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