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I Vana be loved by you


Dahlings, I thought a little mosey down Bond Street...a little sniff around Gucci, sidle up to Ralph Lauren, pass through Browns and then on the Quags for a light lunch.

God I'm bored!........where's the champagne ?

Mmmnnnnnnnnn, methinks I've spied a few bottles of Bolly and a rich tycoon to buy them.

Cheers Dahlings.........first of the day!

Dahling, you couldn't be a star and crack open another bottle of Bolly!!

Here's to the 21st of the day.......hic.......thank God I found this table.......the room's spinning!!

The last mosquito that bit me had to check into the Betty Ford clinic.

Have you got a light boy?


OK at a time and form an orderly queue

Thank you all so much for really was sooper

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