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Hajiz Watch Keeping a Close Eye on Israeli Occupation Police
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Sunday, 19 December 2004
Ada7ia al Bareed Violations and Damascus Gate and my Store
Here you can see 1 of atleast 3 that did not have their ID tags on.

Look close the African Soldier on the right is not wearing the proper ID Adahia border crossing.

Now here is the best one but not clear the Russian Master Sgt. that i photograghed took a platoon of his men one of whom is photographed yesterday (the on in the middle) w/o ID to spew filthy insults at me while the sgt covered his face with a ski mask also a violation. But hey who cares they are Jewish and remember their are two sets of laws in the world those for the goyim and those for the Jews.

Posted by tv2/hajizwatch at 9:07 AM
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Saturday, 18 December 2004
Sgt. & Soldier w/o Name Tags Showing Damascus Gate.
Well,as I always say "Where is the commanding officer?" There he is left shoulder with name tag folded up, next to his soldiers that are not wearing their id tags.

Posted by tv2/hajizwatch at 3:53 PM
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Friday, 17 December 2004
Same Soldier Same Violation 2Days After Being Reported
This is again @ Damascus gate Solder is not wearing proper ID on his shoulder. But its ok because he is a Jew!!

Posted by tv2/hajizwatch at 4:05 PM
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Thursday, 16 December 2004
USA Consulate Border Soldiers Not Properly Showing ID
The soldier writing is not wearing his soldier id # or name on his shoulder. P.S. To the USA security officer in the car staring at me, wallah I hate you for the sake of Allah. P.S. Your Consulate is built on stolen Arab land in East Jerusalem and the owner is a USA citizen as well.

Here is yet another occupation soldier without proper ID showing. Who is the commanding occupation officer here and why is it the same story everyday?

Posted by tv2/hajizwatch at 11:48 AM
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Wednesday, 15 December 2004
1 Out of 2 Brorder Soldiers W/O Proper ID
This was taken Dec.15th 2004 The soldier is clearly seen not wearing his soldier # and name tag on left shoulder. This is a tactic used by Border soldiers to humiliate Muslims and Arabs leaving no proof of who the thug soldier was or is.

Picture Taken @ al Wad St. Cor. of Via Delarosa in Occupied Muslim East Jerusalem.

Posted by tv2/hajizwatch at 9:29 AM
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Tuesday, 14 December 2004
Occupation Soldiers "police" @ Bab al Amoud in Occupied Jerusalem Not Wearing Proper Identification,While Asking Me For Mine!!!!
These are Border Soldier "police" as the Jewish Entity refers to them, stopping gentile residents and citizens asking them for their identification while they themselves are not displaying theirs!

Below the 2nd of the 3 occupation soldier "police" also w/o a name tag but facing the other direction while a huge over weight soldier sits on the ground next to him (right)

Who is the commanding occupation officer and why is it habitual that these soldiers are not wearing proper ID?

Posted by tv2/hajizwatch at 2:31 PM
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Border Police Not Wearing Proper ID Tags Hajiz Adahiya al Bareed
The following was sent to the "Israeli" Police Internal Affairs today:

Captain Areyeh Stinger
Prosecuter for "Midinat Israel"
Internal Affairs

Dear Areyeh Stanger,

I have filed many complaints before about the behaviour and violations
of the law that the Border Police do all day and daily in our areas.
My letters are always answered that their is not enough evidence to
find the officers in claim. Due to a generous donation by Muslims in
other Muslim lands I was able to buy nice digital cameras,mini digital
cameras,and really nice mp3 audio recorders.
I would like to focus today on machsoum Adahiya al Bareed and Damascus
Gate in occupied East Jerusalem. I would like to make this a formal
complaint that I was able to identify the following soldiers and have
see grave violations by the same officers while their i.d. badge is
either missing or having the mishmarat givul minhag of folding the
name tag up.
Please do reply to this complaint at your earliest convience with the
results of your investigation. Inshaallah soon all will be uploaded to
a new website called HajizWatch which is similar to machsoum watch but
w/o the Jewish sympathy that Machsoum has for the occupation soldiers
("border police").

Wishing all Jews Convert to Islam,
Yousef Mohamid al Khattab
TZ# 320565542
Pelephone # 052 512 8251

Notice the time of the picture and how long it takes till we get to the checkpoint in the next picture.

8 cars 18 minutes latter with a crew of atleast 15 border policeman we arrive.

Here is the licence plate of one of the occupation border "police" trucks,thus besides all the proofs we add now we should not get a lack of evidence reply from MaGav Hqtrs in occupies Asqalan.

Occupation Soldier's right side jacket clearly shows no required name badge, notice the time and date on the stamp and location was clearly given.

If the 1st picture of the same soldier was not clear enough,and if you could not see b4 that he is not wearing the proper ID on his left shouldar now you can :)

We call this the “oops my soldier ID tag was folded up by mistake” scam. When occupation Soldier “Police” beat up Arab Citizens and residents, they normally always have the ID tag folded up and over. This is an early tell tale sign of a potential Arab beating occupation policeman.

This is the same checkpoint but this occupation soldier is checking the people that don’t have cars, strange enough he also has no name tag on his right shoulder!

To sum up this incident,3 occupation soldiers "police" that are in my site alone are w/o proper identification. There were over 19 soldiers @ this checkpoint at that time, why doesn’t the commanding occupation officer enforce the Israeli occupation army's rules? Could it be maybe because he/she is part of the problem? You be the judge.

Posted by tv2/hajizwatch at 2:08 PM
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