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About The Webmaster & The Webpage

my puppy Heidi & me


The Webmaster

Hi, my name is Karen. I'm a freshman at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I'm currently majoring in nursing. Upon graduating, I plan to work on my master's degree in neonatal nursing, after which I plan to work in a hospital caring for premie babies.

In addition to being a Mannyac, I enjoy playing softball, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, cliff jumping, and going to University of Tennessee home football games. I also enjoy watching figure skating, both live at Stars On Ice and on TV.



top (left to right): friends, cousins, and Me / cousins, friends, & me

below (left to right): me playing softball / me and my cousins Julie & Laurie / my brother Jeff and me / me jumping off the 30 ft. cliff


The Webpage

I've been watching Guiding Light off and on practically since I have been a baby. My mom started watching Guiding Light because my grandmother watched it, and I began watching because my mom watched it before putting me down for my naps when I was a little kid. However, I didn't seriously start watching until March of 2000. Before then I had heard of Manny in magazines, and had found their storyline interesting, but hadn't actually watched then show. In March of 2000, I was channel surfing and came across Manny. They were on the run after Danny broke Michelle out of jail because Michelle was falsly accused of Ben Warren's murder. After seeing the undeniable chemistry between these two actors, I was hooked. I began surfing the web looking more info on Manny, Paul Anthony Stewart, and Joie Lenz.

In April of 2001, after being taught the basics of HTML by my brother, I decided to create a Manny webpage which I named Manny World. I frequently updated this site with daily pics and other info until my Micron computer, which was barely 2 years old, bit the dust, and stopped accepting downloads from my digital camcorder, which is what I used to capture the daily pics.

After getting a new computer, I decided to create a Robbie website, because I didn't feel his presence on the web was abundant enough. I use Front Page Express to make my pages and I edit the screen captures with Microsoft's PowerPoint and Paint Shop.


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