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Played by Bradley Cole & Laura Wright

Prince Richard and Pricness Cassie met on the white sandy shores of San Cristobel when Cassie was there to rescue her sister Reva, the former Princess of the small island.

As with any love story, there were some bumps in the road. The marriage was to be a 'business deal,' and nothing more. Richard had loaned Cassie money to save her farm and in return, Cassie agreed to marry Richard and to have his child, the heir. As time went on, the couple fell in love, but they refused to tell one another until that fateful day (March 24, 2000) when they declared their love.

However, the bumps were evident. Reva (a.k.a Princess Catherine) opposed to the marriage at the beginning because she thought that Richard and Cassie were doing it for all the wrong reasons and that they should only get married if they were 'in love.'

Then there was Edmund, the dark Prince, always stirring up trouble. Edmund wanted to dethrone his brother and rule the country himself and had done everything possible to try and stop the wedding, he even went as far as to reveal Cassie's past as a stripper on television.

The one bump that the happy couple is working on is the heir factor. There was a possibility that Cassie wasn't able to have children but they have recently found out that everything is fine and they are more than willing to have children.

And on July 17th of this year (2000), Cassie became Richard's Princess and he adopted her two children, Tammy and RJ. So far, they are living happily ever after and yes, I said so far....

Laura Wright (Princess Cassie) joined Guiding Light in '97. She is happily married and has a daughter and is expecting a baby around New Years' and she just celebrated her birthday on Sept. 11.

Bradley Cole (Prince Richard) joined GL in '99 after returning from Europe where he had been living. He was born and raised in California. You can send him birthday wishes on Feb. 11.

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