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Played by Grant Alexander & Beth Ehlers

Philip and Harley were from opposite ends of Springefield. He was from the wealthy family, the Spauldings, and a businessman. Whereas, she grew up in the family-run diner and became a cop.

However, they did have plenty of things in common. They both had failed marriages, his to his High School sweetheart (Beth) and Harley was married to a fellow cop (Mallet) who had an affair and from then on, she thought she would never be able to open her heart up to anyone else until Philip arrived on the scene. Philip and Harley also have a daughter each, his with Beth and hers with Dylan who she gave up for adoption when she was a teenager.

Pharley married in 1998 and have a son Zack. They have had their share of problems, including Philip’s father Alan and Beth, his ex- wife. But things shattered when Harley learned in June that Philip slept with his ex-wife beth when they were trapped in a plane and that she had just given birth to their son James.

But after much heartbreak, Pharley reunited recently and are dealing with her daughter Susan who feels betrayed.

Beth Ehlers originated the role of Harley Davidson Cooper in 1987 and played her until '93 and she rejoined the show in '97. Ehlers began her acting career in commercials at the age of nine and has appeared in the seies Best Times, and the feature films Hiding Out and The Hunger.
Beth is married and has a son, Henry Jack born on May 21, 1999. She celebrates her birthday on July 23rd.


'92 and '93 she received Emmy and SOD nods in the Outstanding Actess in a Supporting Role (Harley) and Outstanding Younger Actress respectively.
'98 --> won for an SOD Favorite New Couple with Grant Alexsander

Grant Alexsander played Philip Spaulding from December '82 to Dec. '84, Dec. '86 to Feb. '91 and rejoined in April of '96. He has also had roles on Capitol and All My Children.
Grant and his wife are involved in PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). His birthday is August 6th.


'98 -->Emmy nod in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category.
'98 -->won an SOD award w/Beth Ehlers for Fav. New Couple (Philip/Harley)

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