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Played by Mark Dobies & Kim Zimmer

After an emotionally draining year which included the breakup of her marriage to Josh, the finding of her son and missing years, Reva met Dr Noah Chase who’s best friend is her ex, Richard Winslow.

Reva and Noah, better known as Nova, decided to have a ‘no strings’ relationship - he wasn’t ready for the commitment and she was coming off of a marriage breakup. However, with the way things are heating up, Reva’s divorce almost final, it looks as though these two are looking towards a more serious relationship.

However, it looks as though there maybe a few problems because Noah is hiding a very big secret and if Billy and Josh have anything to say about it, Noah’s secret will come out sooner rather than later.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Kim Zimmer

Kim has played the spunky Reva Shayne Lewis on Guiding Light since 1983, with the exception of a few years in the early ‘90s.
Kim's television credits include roles on daytime shows OLTL, Santa Barbara, and The Doctors and guest starred on primetime shows including Seinfield and Designing Women.
Kim is married to director A.C. Weary and has three children.

Mark Dobies

Mark joined the cast of Guiding Light earlier this year as the handsome eligible Doctor, Noah Chase. He has made an appearance on the primetime shows The Profiler and Everyone Loves Raymond.
Mark is married and has two young daughters.

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